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2015 Interesting Papers

Abdullah, N. C., Shah, R. M., Husin, Z. H., & Rahman, H. A. (2015). Antarctic Tourism: The Responsibilities and Liabilities of Tour Operators and State Parties. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 202, 227-233. 

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Bramley‐Alves, J., Wanek, W., French, K., & Robinson, S. A. (2015). Moss δ13C: an accurate proxy for past water environments in polar regions. Global change biology, 21(6), 2454-2464.

Camenzuli, D., Fryirs, K. A., Gore, D. B., & Freidman, B. L. (2015). Managing legacy waste in the presence of cultural heritage at Wilkes Station, East Antarctica. Polar Record, 51(02), 151-159.

Emnet, P., Gaw, S., Northcott, G., Storey, B., & Graham, L. (2015). Personal care products and steroid hormones in the Antarctic coastal environment associated with two Antarctic research stations, McMurdo Station and Scott Base. Environmental research, 136, 331-342.

Hughes, K. A. (2015). A new paradigm-Antarctic influence without Antarctic presence? Antarctic Science, 27(01), 1-1.

Hughes, K. A., Pertierra, L. R., Molina-Montenegro, M. A., & Convey, P. (2015). Biological invasions in terrestrial Antarctica: what is the current status and can we respond? Biodiversity and Conservation, 24(5), 1031-1055.

Kennicutt, M., Chown, S., Cassano, J., Liggett, D., Peck, L., Massom, R., . . . Wilson, T. (2015). A roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean science for the next two decades and beyond. Antarctic Science, 27(01), 3-18.

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Powell, R. B., Ramshaw, G. P., Ogletree, S. S., & Krafte, K. E. (2015). Can heritage resources highlight changes to the natural environment caused by climate change? Evidence from the Antarctic tourism experience. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 1-17.

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Shah, R. M. (2015). Public Perceptions of Antarctic Values: Shaping Future Environmental Protection Policy. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 168, 211-218


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