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New additions to Kā Kohika - Cecil Wood architectural drawings
In 2015 work was undertaken to conserve a donation of drawings by the 1930s Christchurch architect Cecil Wood. These drawings have now been uploaded to Kā Kohika.
To search them enter ‘Cecil Wood’ into the search bar of Kohika
If you would like to find out more about this collection please contact Erin Kimber, UC Archivist, at the Macmillan Brown Library


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How to talk about Art History                                   

Ellen Oredsson, an art historian and content creator for M+ Stories (a blog from M+ Museum in Hong Kong), says, "I started this blog to make art history a bit more accessible, posting updates explaining a variety of art history topics." The categories on the website reflect Oredsson's stated mission: art history 101, artist features (focusing primarily on women and artists outside western traditions), and reader questions. In Art history 101, readers will find includes posts such as "5 Examples of Animals Acting Like Humans in Art History," in which Oredsson discusses five different examples of anthropomorphic animals in art. These examples include C. M. Coolidge's Dogs Playing Poker (1894) (which depicts dogs playing the card game), the depictions of cats in Japanese ukeyo-e woodblock prints (created during the Edo period, which spanned from 1615 to 1867), and the "strange recurring motif in Flemish 17th century art of birds sitting in the treetops and singing off a piece of sheet music." Other 101 topics include the female nude, how to look at an artwork, and the difference between genres and genre painting. Some recent reader questions Oredsson answered include: "How can I love artists like Gauguin when I know so much of his work was exploitative and racist?," and "I have a question - I hear a lot of people say that those old fashioned portraits are the equivalent of selfies today, mostly in retaliation to people calling selfie-culture vain, frivolous, etc. What do you think?" 


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What's on in and around Christchurch - Summer 2018/19

From Art News New Zealand

  • Ashburton Art Gallery Malcolm Harrison, A Celebration to Nov 11 Tony Bond, Croactus to Mar
  • Christchurch Art Gallery Marie Shannon, Rooms Only Found in the Home to Dec 8 Luigi Rossini: Le Antichità Romane; Juliet Peter: 
Where the Line Leads to Jan 20 Steve Carr, Chasing Light to Feb 10 We Do This ongoing
  • Nadene Milne Gallery Christchurch Roger Mortimer to Nov 8 Paul Maseyk Nov Invitational exhibition curated by Nadene Milne Dec–Jan Sam Harrison Mar
  • PG gallery192, Christchurch Aiko Robinson, Folding in Forests; Yukari Kaihori, White Whisper to Nov 30 Xmas 18 Dec 3–21 Summer show Jan 22–Feb 15 Viv Kepes, Chris Pole Feb 18–Mar 15
  • SCAPE Public Art Season 2018, Christchurch to Nov 17
  • Taitapu Sculpture Garden, Canterbury Annual Autumn exhibition Mar 2–3, 9–10, 16–17
  • The Physics Room, Christchurch Christopher Ulutupu, The Romantic Picturesque: The Postcard Trilogy to Nov 25
  • The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson Seeing is Believing Nov 3–Jan 13 Helen Flora Victoria Scales Nov 17–Jan 27 Steve Fullmer, Cutting a New Orbit Dec 15–Feb 10 Alan Pearson, Master of Grey Jan 19–
ongoing Lisa Chandler, The Dividing Line Feb 16–ongoing