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Library of Congress Classification for Astronomy and Astrophysics books

Most Astronomy & Astrophysics books in the UC Library are shelved in the QB section of the EPS Library. The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System for classification and shelving.

QB 1–991 Astronomy
1–139 General
15–34 History
35–36 Biography
54 Extraterrestrial Life
61–62 Study and Teaching, Research
63 Stargazers’ Guides
64 Observers’ Handbooks
81–84 Observatories
85–115 Astronomical Instruments
140–237 Practical and Spherical Astronomy
201 Geodetic Astronomy
209–224 Time
224.5–237 Longitude and Latitude
275–343 Geodesy
301–328 Geodetic Surveying
330–339 Gravity Determinations
349–421 Theoretical Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics
414–419 Theory of Tides
455–456 Astrogeology
460–466 Astrophysics (General)
468–480 Non-Optical Methods of Astronomy
495–903 Descriptive Astronomy
500.5–785 Solar System
520–544 Sun
541–544 Solar Eclipses
611 Mercury
621 Venus
630–638 Earth as Planet
641 Mars
651 Asteroids
661 Jupiter
671 Saturn
681 Uranus
691 Neptune
701 Pluto
717–732 Comets
740–753 Meteors
754.8–792 Meteorites
799–843 Stars
851–855 Clusters and Nebulae
856–903 Galaxies
980–991 Cosmogony, Cosmology