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Computer Science & Software Engineering: Lab 2 assignnment

This is a Library resource guide for students majoring in computer science and software engineering

Lab 2 assignment

Finding articles for your lab 2 assignment

The Library has full text access to almost all the journals recommended by your lecturer for your lab 2 assignment. Those titles  can be found via the Library subscribed databases, ACM digital library  or IEEE Xplore database.

You can search the above two databases for articles on your topic or you can click on the Full text link below to browse the title/s for articles or you can search the journal title in the Library Catalogue, then click on its blue for its full text articles from the journal.

Formating your articles in APA style quickly

1. Copy and paste your article to the MultiSearch box from Library homepage and hit on "Search" button on its right

2. Click on the arrow on the right of its title and then  click on Cite





3. Choose APA as the Citation Format, then copy and paste the APA format of the article from the box to your document









  • APA format from MultiSearch is not always 100 percent correct, e.g. in the above example, the journal title, Computer should be in italics and the second line should be indented. Please check your citation against our APA guide
  • Your will need to create your in-text citations manually