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Research Data Management: Policies

Supporting Data Management at the University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury Research Policies

All University of Canterbury Research Policies can be found in the University Policy Home.

Institutional Repository Licences

Currently the UC Research Repository has an "all rights reserved" licence for all material so that though it is freely accessible for people to read, their use of that material is very restricted, and explicitly requires the permission of the author for any substantial reuse.

Depositing your completed thesis in the Library

These notes are intended to supplement the regulations governing the deposit of Masters and PhD theses as published in the University of Canterbury Calendar.

Deposit takes place after the candidate has been approved for the award of the degree. The deposited copies must include any revisions required by the examiners.

How many copies do I need to deposit?

  1. It is the candidate's responsibility to deposit the thesis as a PDF after it has been marked and corrected, along with any data or other appendicies.
  2. The degree will not be conferred until the Library has received this.

Uploading the digital copy

  1. Convert your thesis to PDF.
  2. Upload the thesis through the e-deposit web form and login with your current UC username and password. If you no longer have a login, email Library eServices who will provide an alternate link.
  3. Note: When you select your College, this relates to your department or school, not to your degree e.g. a Master of Arts in Psychology will be under the College of Science.

How do I know that I have fulfilled the requirements to graduate?

  • The Post Graduate Office receives a receipt from the Library once the Library has received the digital copy of your final corrected thesis, and all necessary acccompanying paperwork. You could check with the Post Graduate Office to see if your thesis has had a receipt issued.
  • Alternatively your senior supervisor has administrative responsibility for ensuring that you have met the regulatory requirements, so you could check with them.

Supplementary materials

In some cases you may have supplementary materials that you cannot deposit in digital form (e.g. large files on an optical disk). A copy of these can be deposited in the library. In either of these cases, contact Library Access & Collections - details below.

Contact us

For questions about digital deposit, contact Library eServices (ph 364 2987 ext 8603). 
For other questions contact Library Access & Collections (ph 364 2987 ext 8104).