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EndNote Guide: Editing/Customising Styles

Editing/Customising Styles

It is possible to modify the existing EndNote styles to change how the intext references and bibliography displays.  You can also create a completely new style to meet your needs.

Changing the way reference templates display in your bibliography:

You will only be able to edit the style if the style is saved to your computer.

  • Go to Edit - Output styles - select the style to edit.
  • Select Citations to view how the intext citation displays and make any changes.
  • Select Bibliography - Templates to view the templates for the different reference types and make changes. 


  • When you close the style window, you will be prompted to save changes you have made. If you wish to save the style with a new name, click File - Save As. Name the new style (e.g. Harvard_annotated).  You will need to select the new style from the Output Style drop down menu and Select Another Style. 

Modifying field names and adding new fields to a reference type:

  • Go to Edit - Preferences - Reference Types
  • Select Modify Reference Types
  • Select the reference type from the drop-down menu.  

  • You can change the field labels (right hand column) for any reference types. If a field label is not added in the right hand column, the field will not display in the template.   Use the Custom fields to create new fields. 

Adding new reference types

  • From the Modify Reference type drop down menu select Unused 1, Unused 2 or Unused 3 to create an entirely new reference type. If additional reference types are needed, the existing references types that you don't need can also be renamed and modified. 
  • Give names on the right hand side to the field(s) you wish to include for the reference type.
  • If you create an entirely new reference type, you will need to add a template for it in the output style you are using: 
    • Go to Edit - Output styles and selct the style to edit.  
    • Select Bibliography - templates.
    • Click Reference types and select the new template you have created.
    • Click Insert Field to select the fields to add to the reference template.