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Māori Education Guide: Language Policy, Planning and Revitalization

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This section provides online links to background information, resources, strategies and statistics as published by government departments and local organizations. It is not a comprehensive list of what is available within the libraries, but does offer a starting point for those of you who are new to the field of language research. From this information you should be able to determine key words and key information that will assist in furthering your research, and enhancing your research results. It will also provide an avenue to which you can use these words as metadata when searching the various Canterbury University databases and catalogues



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Māori Language Revitalization Strategies


History of Te Reo

Language Policy and Planning

He Rauemi Rangahau - Kaupapa Māori Research

Mai Review A forum for research and information on capability and capacity building for Māori and Indigenous people.

Rangahau This website aims to assist Māori researchers through the kaupapa Māori research process.

Official Reports

Te Reo Māori Language Strategies

Language Planning and Policy : Books

When searching for resources regarding language revitalisation, it helps to include reo as part of your search words. This way the only results you will see are those specifically regarding the Māori language. For international resources and comparisons with other indigenous cultures, it's best to use the generic term language revitalisation

"reo revitalisation" - Canterbury Library Catalogue

"reo revitalisation" - Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa

"language revitalisation - Canterbury Library

"language revitalisation - Te Puna Mātauranga

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