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Māori Early Classroom Collection

The Māori classroom collection for early childhood, kōhanga reo, and early primary schooling years (Year 0-2) have all been levelled using the Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework.

Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework Teacher Handbook

The levels were especially developed to assist children learning to read in Māori, to also help develop Māori language literacy.

Pīpī Readers

Pīpī Ara Pūreta: Teaching single letters or syllables to form words. Some have simple songs at the end. 499.44281 PIP ...  and 499.442813 PIP ...

Pīpī PānuiBased on individual letters or digraphs (wh, ng). Used to form words, and simple phrases. Some have simple songs at the end. 499.44286 PIP ...

Pīpī PāngarauBased on individual numbers, they have examples to reaffirm the learning of each number. Encourages the use of numbers, shapes, couting, and pictures. 499.44286 PIP ...

Tōku Kōhanga SeriesThis series varies from picture only, single words, and simple sentences. Find them by browsing the shelves looking for their distinctive shape- most are at 499.44286TE or  499.44286 TOK

He Kete Kōrero Series: This series also varies from single words to simple sentences. 499.44286 KET SMI

Big BooksThe big books are based on the following series: Pīpī Ara Pūreta; Pīpī Pānui; Pīpī Pāngarau; Tōku Kōhanga; He Kete Kōrero. 499.44286 PIP CRA

He Purapura: The He Purapura series follows up on the earlier books and are levelled using the He Kete Kōrero framework. Levels range from Kete Harakeke A, E, I (KHa, KHe, KHi) which are the emergent levels; Kete Kiekie A, E, I (KKa, KKe, KKi) which are the early literacy levels; and Kete Pīngao A, E, I, O (KPa, KPe, KPi, KPo) which are the early fluency levels. 499.44286 PUR KAO

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Online Resources

For your own language learning

Te Whanake online  

Online resource that supports Te Kākano required text across Education papers.

Te Aka

Online Dictionary that supports the Te Whanake series.  This is the online version of the required text used by Educ courses.  Best online Māori/English English/ Māori dictionary around.

 Kōrero Māori  

Supported by the Maori Language Commission, this site has resources and activities to support the learning of te reo Maori.

For teaching and lesson planning

Te Kete Ipurangi Resources   

TKI provides a rich selection of online resources and tools to support te reo Māori and tikanga Māori including online discussion groups, blog posts, school stories, case studies, learning modules, videos, and interactives.

 Te Whakaipurangi Rauemi

Resources for teachers effective in promoting language learning and to support Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori - Kura Auraki and Te Reo Māori in the Māori language curriculum.  The resources can be used in both Mainstream and Kura Kaupapa classroom environments.

 Te reo Maori in English medium schools

Reo Māori Resources developed to meet requirements outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. (Mainstream)

Local resources

 Christchurch City Libraries: Tī Kōuka whenua

Local Māori history database.  Searchable by map or index.  May be helpful for local Maori, local history or geographic enquiries/assignment questions.

 Christchurch City Libraries: Māori Zone

Maori resources spanning a variety of topic areas. 

 Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu : Destination Reo @ Ngāi Tahu

Ngāi Tahu have a language revitalisation strategy of having one thousand homes speaking Ngāi Tahu reo in the home as a first language by 2025.  To date more than 1500 Kai Tahu whānau are registered with the programme this website has resources to support the delivery of Kotahi Mano Kaika.