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Māori Education Guide: Second Language Acquisition



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Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

The Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education edited by Josue M. Gonzalez has a good introduction to second language acquistion and also has biographies on some of the core writers on second language acquisition.
Use the table of contents to find second-language acquisition (in volume 2) or the researchers.

Journal Articles on Second Language Acquisition

For New Zealand material, search Index New Zealand (see the link to the databases on the left) using:
"second language acquisition"

For international articles, search Multisearch or Education Research Complete or ERIC (see the link to the databases on the left) using:

“second language acquisition”
“second language learning”

For minority languages, use these
“linguistic minorities”
“language minorities”
“minority languages”
“uncommonly taught languages”
“heritage language”

For language revival, use these:
“language revival”
“ language maintenance” 
“Language revitalization”

And for language loss:
” language attrition”

For works by some authors in the field, click on Advanced Search in Multisearch, then in the Written/Created by box, put the author's name in, within quote marks, e.g. "nation, i s p" and hit search.
Try these authors: "Fishman, Joshua"; "Nation, I S P"; "Cummins, Jim"; "Hornberger, Nancy H"; "Seliger, Herbert"; "Garcia, Ofelia", "Ellis, Rod", Krashen, Stephen D" 


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Two New Zealand Reports

May, S., Hill, R., Tiakiwai, S. (2004). Bilingual/immersion education: Indicators of good practice: Final report to the Ministry of Education
(look at the bibliography for other works by Stephen May)

 Matiu Ratima, M. & May, S.(2011). A review of indigenous second language acquisition: Factors leading to proficiency in te reo Māori (the Māori language). MAI Review, 1.

Teaching a Second Language