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Māori Cultural Education: Te Ao Māori - Cultural Topics

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This section provides online links to background information, resources, and links on understanding te ao Māori in a nutshell. It covers a broad range of topics and highlights resources within the Māori collection located within both Te Puna Ako and Te Puka Rakahau o Macmillan Brown. It is not a comprehensive list of what is available but does offer a beginner for those of you who are new to the field of language research. From this information you should be able to determine key words and key information that will assist in furthering your research. It will also provide an avenue to which you can use these words as metadata when searching the various Canterbury University databases and catalogues



Search across a range of Library resources, including

Ngā Paki ā-iwi - Māori Legends

Maori Legends- a list of books of Maori legends- with details of regions and iwi. (From National Library- use our catalogue to find our holdings.)

Māori Astronomy - Including Matariki

Performing Arts Resources

Resources pertaining to whānau/families

Books on te ao Māori - Māori culture

Indigenous Beauty and Sexuality

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Whaikōrero, Karanga

Māori Image Databases

Moriori Education Resources

The Hokotehi Moriori Trust has an excellent website with many Educational Resources linked to the New Zealand Curriculum

You will find lesson plans for many curriculum areas, and integrated units also.

"Me rongo" is a Moriori greeting meaning peace, and also "listen"

Go here for the Educational Resource homepage.

Web resources

Māori Music from Christchurch City Libraries

Weaving includes an online resource on how to make a putiputi flower from Christchurch City Libraries

Kai (Food) links to Christchurch City Libraries webpage of Māori kai

Rokoa/Rongoa (Maori medicine) a resource from Te Papa

Ta Moko a resource from Te Papa

Treaty2U a teacher resource which accompanied the exhibition, includes teaching activities

Māori education kits from the Auckland Museum

Weather activity and vocabulary from Mana kids online. Senior lesson plan and Junior lesson plan (both from TKI website)