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EndNote Guide: Installing EndNote on Campus

Quick Steps for Windows 7 on Campus

  1. Windows Menu Button
  2. Control Panel
  3. Programs
  4. Run Advertised Programs
  5. Select Thomson Reuters Endnote X7.2.0 - Endnote X7 User Install
  6. Click on Run
  7. Select Run automatically after download
  8. Click Download

  9. Follow Endnote Installation instructions

Additional Files

The Library provides some modified and additional Filters, Connection, and Styles files which are useful for this University.

 Note that any zipped files need to be 'unzipped' i.e. right-click and choose the extract command.



These notes are for Windows 7 users, connected to the UOCNT network. They may work for staff laptops that are used as the staff-member's principal computer at work, but will not generally work for other laptops. There are separate notes for Mac users. If you use a laptop that is connected to the UC Network at times, but not at other times then see these notes.

For windows 7 users you can install Endnote X8 from the Software Center icon under the Microsoft button.  Select the EndNote Icon and install. 

Always back up your EndNote libraries before doing anything major with EndNote.

Before you start, ensure Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) is closed.

If you have an earlier version of EndNote, you don't need to uninstall it, although it is recommended. The new version will override the old one and you will not  lose all your EndNote Library/Libraries saved in the old version.

Step by step installation

  1. Click on the Start button and select software Center.
  2. Select Endnote X8.0.1. from the program list.

    Click on Install  

The Install will complete, close the software center window.  

  1. When the installation has finished, do the following in this order (you need to do this only once to ensure the Endnote Toolbar is installed into Word):
    • start Endnote
    • open an Endnote Library
    • Start Word and check the Endnote toolbar is present.

If you encounter problems after installing EndNote, see the help given on our problems page.

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