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The Library has a huge range of resources available to English literature students. Ask your Subject Librarian for help in using any of these.

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The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature now available

‘Electronic literature is a literary art that has bloomed across computer screens and mainframes for decades and has become a vital component of global literary culture. It has also questioned the very tenets of literary theory and pushed toward not just postmodern but also posthuman ideas. The work done by the artists and scholars in this arena continues to gain importance, given the ubiquity of the computing culture, but until now there has been no major reference handbook for the field. (The closest to date has been N. Katherine Hayles's Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the LiteraryCH, Sep'08, 46-0110.) Tabbi (English, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago) has organized his foundational handbook in four parts that provide a needed framework for the work in this field. The first two sections—"Ends, Beginnings," "Poetics, Polemics"—work their way through the key insights and concepts developed since the inception of the field. The other two sections—"Materialities, Ontologies," "Economies, Precarities"—provide key essays on how electronic literature’s formats have helped to define contemporary digital life. Including an annotated bibliography of major texts in this field, this is an invaluable resource for those interested in where literature is going.’

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