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Music: CDs, DVDs and Audio

Finding Music DVDs in the Library

If you already know the title

  •  In the Library catalogue , select DVD & Video title begins with and enter the exact title,
    e.g. Leaving home orchestral music in the 20th century

If you do not have an exact title

  • In the Library catalogue , select the DVD & Video keywords search
  • Enter any combination of composer, title, performer or conductor,
    e.g. Simon Rattle or Metropolitan Opera

DVDs are shelved in the Self-Loan Area on level 2

Finding Music CDs in the Library

In the Library catalogue

  • Click Advanced search (in the blue bar)
  • In the Limits select
    • Location = Central Library
    • Other Limits Recordings - music
  • Search by Keywords
    • Enter any combination of composer, instrument, title, performer or conductor
      e.g. Argerich Ravel


Tips for finding CDs of world music

  • When you have found a CD on your topic, click links in the Subject area of the catalogue record to find more CDs on this topic
  • To do your own search, follow the instructions above and for Keywords use the name of a country or region
    e.g. IndiaLatin America
    • Other possible keywords are "folk music" or "world music"
      – the quotation marks ensure they are searched as a phrase
  • You can browse a list of World Music CDs in the UC Library
    • Note the list is incomplete: you still need to do your own searches to find all the CDs
    • The Macmillan Brown Library has an extensive collection of Oceania music not included in the list


Naxos Music Library

The Naxos Music Library is a ‘streaming audio’ service that enables you to listen to music through your computer or mobile device

  • Content is from commercially available CDs is continually being added to
    • Genres include classical music, jazz, Chinese orchestral music and classic rock
    • The same work often has several recordings, which is useful if you want to compare different interpretations
  • Owing to copyright restrictions, you cannot capture the music as a file

Search tips

  • Keyword search: enter any combination of composer, title, performer or instrument
    • Note that the search will retrieve the exact words you type in
    • Use the Advanced search option for more specific searches
  • Browse by genre, composer, artist or label by following the links in the grey menu across the top of the screen


  • Once you have selected your music recording, you can view the front and back CD covers and the CD booklets, if available (see the left menu bar)
  • Click the Works Detail button for more information
    • Use the tabs for ‘Work Information,’ 'Work Analysis' and 'Available Recordings.'
      • 'Available Recordings' enables you to browse and select from performers of the work
  • To select tracks to play, use the check boxes, then click the 'Play selections' button in left menu bar
  • You can create your own playlists.


  • Naxos can be used both on and off campus
  • The Library’s subscription is limited to 5 concurrent users
    • Remember to  Log-Out Naxos  when you are finished
    • If all five connections are in use, try again later

Creating Stable Links to Naxos Recordings

You may want to include the URL to a CD or a track from a CD in an essay or on a Learn page

Additional Help

Naxos Music Library blog – RSS feed

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