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3. Doing the Research: NVivo

NVivo 12

The site license for NVivo has been renewed to the latest version NVivo 12.  If you are using NVivo on a laptop or home computer, a new license key will need to be entered. 

To update to the new version either:

  • Use the software centre if you are using a UC computer OR
  • Bring your laptop to the I.T. help desk OR
  • If you are off-campus, log a request with the I.T. Self Service Portal.

It is recommended that you always back up your files before upgrading.

NVivo for Literature Reviews

NVivo can be used to help you organise your literature review.  Use Nvivo to:

  • import references from Zotero, EndNote or Mendeley.
  • code the literature to identify themes.
  • run queries across the literature.
  • create visuals to explore connections between the literature.

More information:

NVivo and EndNote: Improving your literature review (video)

Using NVivo for literature reviews: The eight step pedagogy (article)


What is NVivo

NVivo software is useful for qualitative and mixed methods research.  Use NVivo to:

  • import data in a variety of formats.
  • organise and code the data into themes.
  • query and search data to identify patterns and connections.
  • visualise and output the data using models, charts and graphs.