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Statistical Resources: NZ customized statistics

Sources for locating statistical series about countries, economic and social topics


If you need help in formulating your request, Statistics New Zealand are willing to discuss all requests and will do their best to ensure that the information is supplied and can be contacted through Arvind Saharan.

CONZUL agreement for statistical data from Statistics New Zealand

New Zealand universities have an agreement with Statistics New Zealand for the supply of New Zealand statistical data, some of which is not publicly available through the Statistics NZ website. Known as the CONZUL agreement since it is agreed with the Council of New Zealand University Librarians (CONZUL) it allows for access to both Statistics NZ customised data and to their confidentialised unit record files (CURFs) as well as to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

Customised data

Under the CONZUL agreement the University of Canterbury has an annual allocation of hours which may be used for requests for customised data by researchers. If you have a need to obtain customised statistical data or CURFS, email Janette Nicolle the UC contact officer. The Contact Officer authorises use of the allocated hours with Statistics New Zealand and works with the applicant to fill out the required paperwork for access to the CURFs. The process involved for the approval of hours is usually via email to Statistics New Zealand, after a conversation has taken place with the applicant to ensure that the statistical data required is not publicly available. 


Statistics for universities

These statistics for universities data packages are only available for staff and students participating in the CONZUL agreement.  Detailed variables have been cross-tabulated by a number of supplementary values.

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs)

Confidentialised record Files are unit record data that have been modified to protect the confidentiality of respondents. Details on how to apply for access to CURFs is available here.

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