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Psychology: Books

UC Library Guide for Psychology

Books in high demand

Recommended reading may be held in the High Demand collection. To see the list for your course, select the Course Code search on the Library Catalogue and type in your course code, e.g. psyc 105


Electronic books can be found by searching either the Library Catalogue or MultiSearch.  They can be identified by the electronic book icon:


Fulltext collection of books published by the American Psychological Association and others.

New Books

See the Library's list of new books for psychology added in the last week, or add the rss feed to your favourite feed reader.


Finding books for psychology

Books are ordered on the shelves using the Library of Congress classification system. Search the Library Catalogue to find both print and online books.

Most psychology books are shelved in either the BF section on Level 11 of the Central Library or the RC-RJ section on Level 4 of the Central Library.

Call Numbers for Psychology

BF Psychology - Central Library level 11
1-32 General periodicals, collected works, dictionaries
81-109 History of psychology
109 Biography
110-140 General works
150-171 Mind and Body
173-175 Pathological psychology, abnormal psychology, psychoanalysis
180-198 Experimental psychology
311-499 Consciousness, cognition, perception, intuition, memory
511-593 Affection, Feeling, Emotion
608-635 Will, Volition, Choice
636-637 Applied psychology
660-685 Comparative psychology
698 Personality
699-711 Genetic psychology
712-724 Developmental psychology
795-839 Temperament, character
 HF Commerce - Central Library level 8
5548    Industrial psychology
5549    Personnel management
 HM     Sociology - Central Library level 8
 1001-1105     Social psychology
 1106-1171  Social behaviour
 HQ  Family - Central Library level 8
 503-1064  The family
 767.8-792.2  Children. Child development
 793-799.2  Adolescence
 799.95-97  Adulthood
HV       Central Library level 8
 6080-6113  Criminal psychology
LB Education - Central Library level 4
1101-1139 Child development
QL    EPS Library
750-799 Animal behaviour
QP       EPS Library
351-495       Neurophysiology & neuropsychology
RA  Central Library - level 4
 1148     Forensic psychology
 1151-1152  Forensic psychiatry
RC  Internal medicine - Central Library level 4
321-429 Neurosciences. biological psychiatry, neurology
435-571 Psychiatry
554-569 Personality disorders, behaviour problems including drug abuse, child abuse etc.
569-571 Developmental disabilities.
952-1245 Special situations and conditions e.g. geriatrics.
RJ  Pediatrics - Central Library level 4
1-91 Genetic aspects.  Therapeutics.  Infant and neonatal morbidity
101-103 Child health
125-145 Physiology of children and adolescents
206-235 Child nutrition
242-247 Hospital care, pediatric nursing
250-325 Premature infants, newborn infants
370-550 Diseases of children and adolescents
499-507 Child psychiatry

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