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Social Studies has its own curriculum document it can be accessed online or through the library catalogue.

The achievement objectives for History, Geography, Economics can be found in the NZ Curriculum Document. This can be accessed online or through the library catalogue.

Welcome to the Social Sciences Subject Guide

Unuhia te rito o te harakeke kei whea te kōmako e kō?
Whakatairangitia - rere ki uta, rere ki tai;
Ui mai koe ki ahau he aha te mea nui o te ao,
Māku e kī atu he tangata, he tangata, he tangata!

Remove the heart of the flax bush and where will the kōmako sing?
Proclaim it to the land, proclaim it to the sea;
Ask me, "What is the greatest thing in the world?"
I will reply, "It is people, people, people!"

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Classroom Activities

Sorted-interactive online games, some of these are linked to Social Studies curriculum.

Elections NZ-classroom activities relating to decision making.

Explore Parliament-interactive site that looks at the democratic process.

NZ History-activities and material for use when teaching NCEA History and Social Studies levels 4-5.

Interactive History Games-a bit of fun! UK website with some interactive history games.