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Finding historical NZ education information

This is a brief introduction to some historical sources of information held in the Education Library. For specialist help, contact the Education Librarians.

For information on the structure of Government education information, see Archives New Zealand's reference guide to education.

1. Ordinances of the Province of Canterbury

These contain a few education ordinances which include such things as the setting up of schools and employment of teachers.

2. Education Reports from the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (A to Js):

Education: Annual Report to the Minister of Education 1892-1894, 1901-1916
Includes lists of schools, teachers' names, reports of (regional) Education Boards

Report of the Minister of Education/Report of the Department of Education 1925-1989
Contains all sorts of useful info about schools and education but no lists of names

Education: annual examinations, reports 1904-1915
Contains lists of candidates and copies of exams for teachers' certificates, admission to or promotion in the Civil Service, Junior National Scholarships, and junior and senior free places in secondary and technical schools.

Education: Higher Education: annual report of the Minister of Education 1909-1913
Includes, amongst others, the Report of the Canterbury College which includes, the 'normal' departments, Boys' High, Girls' High and Canterbury Public Library)

Education: Industrial Schools 1902-1908

Education: Manual and Technical Instruction 1900, 1903-1914

Education: Native Schools 1905-1915

Education of Native Children 1930-1934, 1945-46

Education of Maori Children 1946-1953

Education: Primary Education 1909-1912, 1914-1915, 1918

Education: Primary and Post-Primary 1940-1943, 1946-1953

Education: Secondary Education 1903-1924

Education: School for the Deaf/Special schools, and infant life protection 1904-1915
Includes schools for the deaf, the blind, and the "feeble-minded"

Education: Reports of inspectors of schools 1903-1907

Education: Public school cadets 1902-1908

These are in the Education Library's lending collection. Full runs of the Appendices are in the Law Library, almost full runs at Central and MB.

3. Reports of district/provincial Education Boards

Report of the Board of Education/Province of Canterbury Report /Education Board of the District of Canterbury Report /Education Board of the District of North Canterbury covering 1872-1964
Includes such things as inspectors' reports, lists of staff and salaries, students receiving scholarships, reports on candidates for provincial government scholarships and reports for Christchurch Training College.
Held in Stack Reference.

4. Acts and Papers relating to Education 1959-1988

This is a collection of material compiled by the Education Library. It includes: Acts, Regulations, Reports on primary, post-primary and Maori schools, teachers registers and salaries, OECD reports, education statistics and more.
Held in Stack Reference.

5. New Zealand Education Gazette 1921- current

This is the official publication of the Education Department. It includes official notices, articles, appointments (early copies) and job adverts.
Held in the lending collection.

6. Other long runs of journals include:

Education 1949-1982
National Education 1919-1989 (later became NZEI Rourou)
Journal/Post Primary Teachers' Association 1955-1980
These are in our lending collection.

7. Searching for books:

Finding specific topics requires some persistence. To get an idea of useful subject headings, try the subject keywords education Zealand history then browse through the results, looking at the subject headings of useful books.

For broad historical overviews of education, try a subject begins with search:
Education - New Zealand - History
Maori - Education - History

For school histories (held at Education & Macmillan Brown  libraries), try a subject begins with search using this structure:
High schools New Zealand -- Havelock North - History
Elementary schools New Zealand - Cheviot History

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