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 This guide provides suggestions for finding Māori language readers and other resources in the Education Library

For most topics, the first suggestion is for searches to put in the "subject keyword" or "keyword" box in the Library's catalogue to find a range of readers in te reo Māori. We have also listed some picture books, kits and non-fiction books that may be useful.

Noho Marae 1.1 Greet; 1.2 Introduce; 1.4 Personal information 2.1 Relationships
See Whanaungatanga (below) for 2.1 Relationships

Rāhui/Sustainability 1.3 Number-days, months, dates
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" conservat*
"maori language readers" pollution
"maori language readers" seafood

Kei Maketu tātou.  499.44286 KEI Harvesting shellfish sustainably.
He Kohikohinga #49  499.44286 KOH (has an article on global warming)

Other books and resources:
Ngā ō rangaranga a Pāpā. DRE (Also available in English as Dad’s Takeaways). A family collects shellfish sustainably.
Wai: Te mātāpuna o te ora 553.7 RID (In te reo- English-Māori glossary at the end) Looks at the importance of water, its pollution and protection
Toheroa 594.4 Te (In te reo Māori) Looks at lifecyle, collection and conservation of toheroa.
Te wētā. 595.726 HAM Lifecycle, conservation
Te kererū 598.650993 WAI Lifecycle, conservation
Mahinga kai 641.692 MAH A set of pictures which cover the topics of Hori Kipa catching, cooking , smoking eels. No text.
Wai tai, wai Māori 553.7 WAI A set of pictures of fresh and sea water. No text

Tūrangawaewae 1.1Greet; 1.2 Introduce, 1.4 Personal information
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" social life and customs
"maori language readers" marae
"maori language readers" Māori

Tōkū tūrangawaewae 499.44286 KET GUN (Also published as Tōku manawa)

2.1 Relationships
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" families
"maori language readers" brothers
"maori language readers" parent
"maori language readers" mother*
"maori language readers" grandparents

He Kohikohinga 6 (article: Tōku kuia)  499.44286 KOH
Te taonga DRE (also available in English as The treasure). A mother describes her most treasured possession to her son.
He tino kuia taku kuia MAT (also available in English as My kuia is a special kuia)
Korowai rangatira 499.4286 PUR WAT
Te haere ki tō kuia kāinga TAR A girl describes the hassles of the trip to visit her kuia and the delight of seeing her.

1.6Politeness- acknowledge, express regret, compliment
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers"  thoughtfulness
"maori language readers"  sharing.

Te mahi kai: The language of food 499.44281 MAH. Reo handbook. Includes cartoon on offering people a drink

Taonga 2.2Possessions
Te Pōrakā o Pāpā Koroua WAT (Also available in English as Grandpa’s cardigan). Koro has trouble finding a cardigan he likes as much as his old one.
Te pākoro a Pāpā Koroua WAT (Also available in English as Grandpa’s shed).
Te taonga RID (Also available in English as The Gift) A boy is teased about his name by his cousins but learns that his ancestor valued sharing
Kuia VAE A kuia knits for her moko
Korowai rangatira. 499.44286 PUR WAT

Kawa 1.7Classroom language 1.6Politeness 2.3Likes and dislikes
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" Kōhanga reo
"maori language readers" school*

Te Wā 2.4 Time, weather, season, lunar calendar
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" night
"maori language readers" matariki
"maori language readers" time

He Kohikohinga 45 (Matariki), 37 (Matariki, weather/seasons)  499.44286 KOH

Other resources
Te mahi kai: The language of food 499.44281 MAH A reo Māori handbook including phrases related to gardening and to collecting food from the sea, bus and rivers, and prayers for food
Te whānau a Tamanui te Rā 523.8 WHA (In te reo Māori only) Includes section on the moon
Tātai whetū 523.8 TAT (In te reo Māori. English-Māori glossary at the end) Includes information on Matariki and on stars visible at different times

Ako2.3 Likes and dislikes 2.5 Physical characteristics, personality, feelings
Subject keywords:
"maori language readers" play
"maori language readers" sports

Kia kaha Kuikui 499.44298 KET KAR A group of children set out to make friends with a new girl at school.
Ngā mahi o te kura 499.44298 KET TAN

Other resources
Picture Books
Ko te koha a Itiiti DRE  (Also in English as Itiiti’s gift). A girl finds what she’s good at.
Hēmi Henare Mangopare. EVE.A little boy is very helpful to his family and believes he will be missed when he goes to school.
Ka haere a Mereana ki te kura. MAT. A girl is worried about her first day at school but various people help her.
Kei te mōhio ahau  PEW (Also in English as I know) A girl starting school thinks she knows everything and doesn’t need her brother’s help...


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