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Library Subject Guides

Health Sciences: Books

High Demand Collection

Textbooks and recommended readings for Health Sciences courses are in the High Demand Collection.

1 and 3 Hour Loans and 3 Day Loans are shelved in the High Demand Hourly Loan Collection on level 2.

To see the list for your course, select the Course code search in the Library’s catalogue and type in your course code, e.g. hlth 101.

Other useful classifications

Health and medical material is concentrated in the R - RS classifications.

Other relevant classifications include:-

  • BF (Psychology)
  • H (Social Sciences Research)
  • HM - HT (Sociology)
  • HQ (Family, Youth Studies, Gerontology, Sexuality)
  • HV (Social Work)
  • QP (Physiology)
  • QM (Anatomy)
  • QR (Microbiology)

To search for books not held in the UC Library...

Using EBL e-books

  • EBL books can be read online - this is the easiest method and is recommended by the Library.
  • Reading online requires that you have Adobe Reader installed (may not be required on a Mac).
  • When you choose to read a book online, you are first given 10 minutes to browse within it.
  • After this time, or if you want to print or copy any section, you are prompted to create a loan.
  • When you create a loan, the book continues to be available to you for 24 hours, and appears on your bookshelf which is available from the EBL homepage.
  • The bookshelf continues to display books you have read, even after the 24 hour period has expired, and you can access them for another 24 hour period at any time.


Finding books for Health Sciences

Books are ordered on the shelves using the Library of Congress classification system.

Every book on the shelves has a unique call number which can be found by using the Library’s catalogue.

Note that the Library has an increasing number of e-books. These do not have a call number and you will only find them by searching the catalogue.

Tip for finding books on your topic. Use a Keywords search to find one relevant book, then click on the Subjects in the catalogue record to find more books on the same subject.

Library of Congress Classifications for Health Sciences

Medicine (General)
5-713.97 General Works. History of Medicine. Medicine as a profession
723-726 Medical philosophy.  Medical ethics
726.5-726.8 Medicine and disease in relation to psychology.  Terminal care. Dying
727-727.5 Medical personnel and the public.  Doctor/Patient relationship
728-733 Practice of medicine. Medical practice economics
735-854 Medical education.  Medical schools. Research
855-859.7 Medical Technology. Biomedical engineering. Computer applications
895-920 Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine
RA  Public Aspects of Medicine
1-405 Medicine and the state.  Includes regulation of medical education and practice
407-409.5 Medical statistics. Health status indicators
410-401.9 Medical economics.
411-415 Medical care plans. Medical insurance
418-418.5 Medicine and society. Medical sociology
421-788 Public health. Hygiene.  Preventive medicine. Environmental health
638-645 Immunization. Transmission of disease.  Disease and public health.
648.5-767 Epidemics. Epidemiology
790-790.95 Mental health. Mental illness prevention
960-1000.5 Medical centres. Hospitals.  Dispensaries
1001-1171 Forensic medicine, Medical jurisprudence, Legal Medicine
1190-1270 Toxicology. Poisons
RB  Pathology
1-33 General works. Pathological anatomy and histology
37-57 Clincial pathology. Laboratory technique. Postmortems
127-150 Manifestations of disease.  Pain. Theory of disease. Etiology.  Pathogenesis
RC  Internal medicine
321-429 Neurosciences. Neurology
435-571 Psychiatry
581-951 Specialties of internal medicine
952-1245 Special situations and conditions eg Geriatrics, Tropical, Industrial , Military medicine etc
1200-1245 Sports medicine
RD  Surgery
1-31.7 General works
32-76 Operative surgery
78.3-87.3 Anesthesiology
92-99.35 Emergency surgery. Surgical complications. Surgical nursing
101-104 Fractures
118-120.5 Plastic surgery
120.6-130 Transplantation of organs. Artificial organs
137-145 Surgery in childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, old age
151-498 Military and naval surgery
520-599.5 Surgery by region, system or organ
651-678 Neoplasms.  Tumors. Oncology
680-688 Diseases of the locomotive system
701-811 Orthopedic surgery
RE  Opthalmology
1-74 General Works
75-79 Eye examination. Diagnosis
80-87 Eye surgery
88-89 Ophthalmic nursing. Eye banks
91-912 Particular diseases of  the eye
918-921 Colour vision tests
925-939 Refraction and errors of refraction and accommodation
939.2-981 Optometry.  Opticians.  Eyeglasses
986-988 Artificial eyes and other prostheses.  Ocular therapeutics
RF  Otorhinolaryngology
1-547 Otorhinolaryngology
110-320 Otology. Diseases of the ear
341-437 Rhinology. Diseases of the nose
460-547 Larynology. Diseases of the throat
RG  Gynecology and Obstetrics
1-103 General works
104 Operative gynecology
133-138 Conception. Artificial insemination. Contraception. Sterilization
159-208 Functional and systemic disorders.  Endocrine gynecology
211-248 Abnormalities and diseases of the female genital organs
491-499 Diseases of the breast
500-591 Obstetrics
551-591 Pregnancy
600-650 The embryo and foetus
651-721 Labour. Parturition
725-791 Obstetric operations
801-871 Puerperal state
940-991 Maternal care. Prenatal care services
RJ  Pediatrics
1-91 Genetic aspects.  Therapeutics.  Infant and neonatal morbidity
101-103 Child health.  Child health services
125-145 Physiology of children and adolescents
206-235 Child nutrition
242-247 Hospital care. Pediatric nursing
250-325 Premature infants. Newborn infants
370-550 Diseases of children and adolescents
499-507 Child psychiatry


RL Dermatology
RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology
RS Pharmacy and materia medica. Includes pharmacopoeas. Dispensatories
RT Nursing
RV Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine
RX Homeopathy
RZ  Other systems of medicine.  Includes chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy etc.