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Library Subject Guides

Speech and Hearing Disorders: Books

High Demand Collection

Textbooks and recommended readings for Communication Disorders courses are in the High Demand Collection.

3 and 1 Day, 3 and 1 Hour Loan books are shelved in the High Demand Collection on level 2 located just behind the information desk.  

To see the list for your course, select the Course code search in the Library’s catalogue and type in your course code, e.g. cmds 114

To search for books not held in the UC Library...

Try these sources:-

Te Puna


Google Books

  Using EBL e-books

  • EBL books can be read online in a browser - this is the easiest method and is recommended by the Library.
  • Downloading is useful if you have a personal computer or portable device.
  • Reading online requires that you have Adobe Reader installed (may not be required on a Mac). The Library recommends Adobe Acrobat 9 or higher.
  • When you choose to read a book online, you are first given 10 minutes to browse within it.
  • After this time, or if you want to print or copy any section, you are prompted to create a loan.
  • When you create a loan, the book continues to be available to you for 24 hours, and appears on your bookshelf which is available from the EBL homepage.
  • The bookshelf continues to display books you have read, even after the 24 hour period has expired, and you can access them for another 24 hour period at any time.



  Finding books for Speech and Language Pathology

Books are ordered on the shelves using the Library of Congress classification system.

Every book on the shelves has a unique call number which can be found by using MultiSearch from the Library homepage

Tip for finding books on your topic. Use Keywords search to find one relevant book, then click on the Subjects in the catalogue record to find more books on the same subject.

Library of Congress Classifications for Speech and Language Pathology

RF 110 - 285 Diseases of the ear
286 - 320 Audiology. Hearing disorders
Anatomy of the ear
460 - 471.2
Physiology of the ear
Hearing (Psychology)
TK 7882.S65 Speech processing systems
7895.S65 Speech recognition systems
QC 221 - 246 Acoustics
HV 2349 - 2990.7 The deaf (Social aspects)
Speech and Language Disorders
RC 423 - 429 Speech and Language disorders
  423 General works
  424 Stuttering
  424.7 Articulation disorders
  425 Aphasia
  428 Study and teaching of speech therapy
  428.5 Speech therapy as a profession
  429 Augmentative and alternative communication
RD  525 Cleft palate (Surgery)
RF 460 - 547 Diseases of the throat
QP 306 Physiology. Voice and speech. Larynx
RC 387.5 Brain injury
RJ 496
  .A6 Aphasia
  .A63 Apaxia
  .L35 Language Disorders
  .S7 Speech disorders
  .S8 Stuttering
Linguistic aspects
P 118 - 118.75 Language acquisition
215 - 240 Phonology. Phonetics
Educational aspects
LB 1139.L3 Children. Language development
3453 - 3454 School health services. Speech disorders. Hearing disorders
RC 815 - 815.6 Deglutition disorders
RJ 463. I54 Pediatrics. Deglutition disorders