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Anthropology Mātauranga Tikanga Tangata: Books

High Demand Collection

Textbooks and recommended readings for Anthropology courses may be in the High Demand Collection on level 2 of the Central Library.

Finding Anthropology books

Books are arranged on the shelves using the Library of Congress classification system.

GN is the general classification for Anthropology (Central Library level 9). However, because Anthropologists study every aspect of culture you will also find relevant books in other parts of the Library.

Most recent books are electronic and can be found by searching MultiSearch.


Library of Congress classifications for Anthropology

GN Anthropology  (level 9)
1-6 Periodicals. Societies. Collected works.
17 History of anthropology
21 Biography
24-29 General Works
33 Philosophy
49-298 Physical anthropology
281-289 Human Evolution
269-279 Race (General)
282-286 Fossil man. Human paleontology
296 Medical anthropology
301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology
357-367 Culture and cultural processes
378-395 Collected ethnographies
397-397.5 Applied anthropology eg cultural traits, customs
406-442 Technology. Material culture
448-450 Economic organisation
451-477.7 Intellectual life
478-491 Social organisation
492-495 Political organisation
495-498 Societal groups, ethnocentrism, warfare etc
502-517 Psychological anthropology
537-674 Ethnic groups and races, by region or country
700-890 Prehistoric archaeology
GR Folklore eg folktales, beliefs, symbols (level 9)
GT Manners and customs eg houses, costumes, festivals  (level 9)