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Library Subject Guides

Russian: Books, Ebooks and journals

A guide for UC students and staff

Finding Books for Russian

Russian books are found on Levels 4 and 8 of the Central Library. We use the Library of Congress classification system for arrangement: the relevant sections are PG for language and literature (Level 4) and DK for history (Level 8).

Every item in the Library has a unique call number which can be found by using the Library Catalogue.

Textbooks and recommended readings for particular courses are placed on High Demand by lecturers and located in the Self-Loan Area on Level 2. To see the list for a particular course, type the course code into the catalogue Course code search box, or refer to the course page in Learn.

Guide to call numbers

Library of Congress Classifications for Russian

PG Russian Language and Literature (Level 4)
PG 2001-2850 Russian Language
PG 2831-2847 White Russian Language
PG 2900-3155 Russian Literature History and Criticism
PG 3200-3300 Russian Literature Collections
PG 3300-3490 Individual Authors arranged A-Z in the Following:
PG 3100-3155 Folklore and Folk Literature
PG 3300-3308 Literature to 1700
PG 3310-3319 Literature 18th Century
e.g. Karamzin PG 3314
PG 3320-3447 Literature 19th Century
e.g. Pushkin PG 3340-3359
Tolstoy  PG 3363-3416
PG 3450-3490 Literature 20th Century
e.g. Bulgakov      PG 3476
       Solzhenitsyn PG 3488 .O4
PG 3500-3560 Provincial and Local Literature (Outside Russia and translations of local literature)
PG 3801-3998 Ukranian Language and Literature
PG 8501-8772 Lithuanian Language and Literature
PG 8801-9146 Latvian Language and Literature
DK Russian History (Level 10)
DK 70 -112 Russian History to 1613
DK 112.8-264.8 House of Romanov
DK 265-269.95 Revolution 1917-1021
DK 266-290.3 Soviet Regime 1917-1991
DK 292-293 Post Soviet Topics
DK 501 -949.5 Local history and Description
  e.g. Latvia 504-504.939
Ukraine 508-508.939
Siberia 751-781

Central Library layout

Click here to see  floor plans for each level of the Central Library.