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Spanish: Books, EBooks and journals

Created for the students and staff of Spanish

Finding books for Spanish

Spanish language and literature books are mainly found on Level 4 of the Central Library.

Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) on these subjects are borrowable and intershelved with the main collection.

The Library of Congress classification system is used to organize the books. Every item in the Library has a unique call number which can be found by using the Catalogue or Multisearch.

Textbooks and recommended readings for particular courses are placed on High Demand by lecturers and located in the Self-Loan Area on Level 2. To see the list for a particular course, type the course code into the catalogue Course code search box, or refer to the course page in Learn.

Central Library layout

Click here to see floor plans for each level of the Puaka-James Hight Library.

To search for books not held in the UC Library....

Try these sources:-

Google Books


New Zealand National Union Catalogue


If you are successfull in finding a record, you can interloan

Spanish Literature and Language: Guide to LC classifications

Spanish language and literature books are shelved on Level 4 of the Central Library. Spanish language is around PC 4000, and Spanish and Hispanic literature begins at PQ 6000.

Classifications for Spanish Language & Literature

PC 4000- Spanish language (Level 4)

PC 3821 

Catalan language & literature
PC 4001 Spanish language
PC 4101 Spanish grammar
PC 4580 Spanish dictionaries

PQ 6000-

Spanish literature (Level 4)

6001 General
6058 Early to 1500
6271 Authors and works to 1700, eg. 6322-58 Cervantes
6500 Authors 1700-1868, eg. 6055 Pérez Galdós
6600 Authors 1868-1960, eg. 6613 .A763 Garcia Lorca
6650 Authors 1961-, eg. 6663 .E54 Eduardo Mendoza
7081            Latin American literature
9000   Portuguese literature