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Library Subject Guides

Media Communication Journalism: Finding COMS books

Created for the students and staff of Media, Communication & Journalism

Finding Media books

The main print book sections for Media, Communication and Journalism in the Central Library are P 87-96, PN 1990-1992, and PN 4700-5600). Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) on these subjects are intershelved with the other borrowable books.

Related classifications within the Central Library include HF, HM, HN; JA; and KN.

Outside the Central Library, books at HE (broadcasting) are located in the EPS Library or, for New Zealand/Pacific content, in the Macmillan Brown Library.

The Library of Congress classification system is used to organize the books. Each Library book has a call number showing where it is located, which can be found on its catalogue record. NB: E-books are searchable by title, keyword, etc., but not by call number.

Textbooks and recommended readings for particular courses are placed on High Demand by lecturers and located in the Self-Loan Area on Level 2. To see the list for a particular course, type the course code into the catalogue Course code search box, or refer to the course page in Learn.

Guide to classifications for Media, Communication, Journalism

P 87-96 Communication. Mass Media
P 87 Periodicals / Serials / Journals
P 87.5 Dictionaries & encyclopedias
P 90 General works
P 91 General special
P 91.3 Study and teaching. Research
P 92 By region or country, A-Z
P 92 .N5 New Zealand
P 92.5 Biography
P 93- Special aspects
P 93 Content analysis
P 93.5 Visual communication
P 94 Influence. Moral, ethical or religious aspects
P 94.5 Relation to special groups of people, A-Z
P 94.5 .W65 Women
P 94.6 Relation to culture. Intercultural communication
P 95 Oral communication. Speech
P 95.8 Political aspects. Policy
P 95.82 By region or country, A-Z
P 96 Other special aspects, A-Z
P 96 .I5 International cooperation. International communication
P 96 .T42 Technological innovations. Technology
P 96 .V5 Violence in the media (general)
PN 1990- Broadcasting
PN 1990.6 By region or country, A-Z
PN 1990.72 Biography, A-Z
PN 1991 Radio broadcasts
PN 1991.3 History, by region or country, A-Z
PN 1991.3 .N5 New Zealand
PN 1991.5 General works
PN 1992 Television broadcasts
PN 1992.3 History, by region or country, A-Z
PN 1992.3 .N5 New Zealand
PN 1992.5 General works
PN 1992.6- Special topics
PN 1992.6 Influence. Political, moral and religious aspects
PN 1992.75 Production and direction
PN 1992.77 Programs. Scripts
PN 1992.8 Other special topics, A-Z
PN 1992.8 .V55 Violence on television
PN 4700- Journalism. The Periodical Press, etc.
PN 4700 Periodicals / Serials / Journals
PN 4731 General works. Theory, scope, influence, etc.
PN 4735 Special relations
PN 4735 Relation to the state. Government and the press. Liberty of the press
PN 4738- United States
PN 4748 Other regions or countries, A-Z
PN 4748 .N5 New Zealand
PN 4749 Relation to social questions
PN 4751 Relation to politics
PN 4756 Relation to ethics, religion, etc.
PN 4771 Other relations
PN 4775- Technique. Practical journalism
PN 4778 The editor. Editing
PN 4781 Reporting, correspondence, etc.
PN 4783 Newspaper style
PN 4784 Other, A-Z
PN 4784 .F6 Foreign news
PN 4784 .T4 Television
PN 4785- Study and teaching
PN 4801- History
PN 4840- Journalism by country
PN 4840- United States
PN 5111- Great Britain. England
PN 5511- Australia
PN 5591- New Zealand
  Related classifications
HE Transportation and communications (EPS Library)
HE 7551 Electronic mail systems 
HE 7568 Information superhighway  
HE 7601- Telecommunication industry
HE 8689 Broadcasting (general)
HE 8689.8 United States
HE 8689.9 Other countries
HE 8689.9 .N5 New Zealand (Macmillan Brown Library)
HE 8690- Radio broadcasting
HE 8698 United States
HE 8699 Other countries
HE 8699 .N5 New Zealand (Macmillan Brown Library)
HE 8700 Television broadcasting
HE 8700.76 Political broadcasts. Television in politics
HE 8700.79 Public television
HE 8700.8 United States
HE 8700.9 Other countries
HE 8700.9 .N5 New Zealand (Macmillan Brown Library)
HF Commerce
HF 5801-6182 Advertising
HF 5808 Media directories
HF 5813 History, by region or country
HF 5813 .N5 New Zealand
HF 5813 .U6 United States
HF 5821 Theory. Relation to other subjects
HF 5822 Psychology
HF 5823 General works
HF 5827- Other aspects of advertising
HM Sociology
HM 742-743 Social groups - Online social networks. Social media
HM 846-851 Social change - Information technology. Information society. Internet
HM 1013-1017 Social psychology - Communication of information
HM 1166-1169 Social psychology - Interpersonal communication. Online chat groups
HM 1206 Social influence - Communication. Mass media
HM 1211 Social influence - Intercultural communication
HM 1221 Social influence - Public relations
HM 1231 Social influence - Propaganda
HM 1236 Social influence - Public opinion
HN Social history and conditions
HN 90 .M3 Social history - Mass media
JA Political science
JA 85 Communication in politics. Political communication
JA 85.2 By country or region
KM Common law - Public
KM 204 Freedom of speech, freedom of expression
KM 207 Freedom of the press. Media freedom
KM 209 .I6 Freedom of information
KM 209 .P7 Privacy
KN Common law - Private
KN 112 Copyright (general)
KN 112.3-112.5 Copyright of broadcasts, films, musical recordings, etc.
KN 112.6-112.7 Digital copyright, incl. Internet, computer software, etc.
KN 340 Communications
KN 342 Telecommunications, incl. e-mail
KN 343 Media law
KN 344 Broadcasting, entertainment, incl. radio, television, cinema
KN 345 Publishing, incl. press/news media law
KN 345.2 Journalism, press, newspapers
KN 347 Computer law, information technology
KN 347.4 Internet
KN 349 Censorship

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