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eTV distributes programmes recorded off-air from domestic and international television channels and Internet channels, that can be viewed and downloaded under the terms and conditions of the Screenrights Licensing Scheme.

Searching: You can search for a particular artist, subject or programme (if known), or construct a keyword search, eg. art OR paint*. Another option is to use Advanced Search to select and search one or more categories, eg. 'Art' (under Subjects) or 'Arts Channel' (under Sources). Generally, it is too easy to miss relevant content without relying on extensive browsing - the search facility needs to be considerably improved.

Coverage: Broadcast television programmes from a range of channels (not comprehensive).

Note: Please use your UC user name and password to log in. Students are not able to download e-cast content but can view it online. Staff may both view and download content, and use it in accordance with the university's screenrights licence.

Help: May not be fully functional with Firefox; use Safari, IE or Chrome.

Availability: Available on-campus, and remotely through the Web.

Authorized users: students and staff of the University of Canterbury.

Number of concurrent users: unlimited

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Art documentaries available on eTV (2017)

These visual arts documentaries (links in the boxes below), can be found and viewed on eTV. Generally, other available programmes are not listed here if shorter than 20 minutes but may be found by searching eTV directly.

Brief descriptions of each of the docos are provided with mouseovers. The year following each summary, in parentheses, refers to when that item was added to the eTV database from being aired on a NZ tv channel (not when it was originally made or shown).

NB: To open any of these programmes directly from the list, first log in to eTV, then go back to the list and click the title (otherwise, just search eTV directly - see guidelines at left).

Art 21 : Art in the 21st Century

'Art:21' is the only series on U.S. television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists. The series is partly available in the Library. Seasons 1-2 and 3 are held on DVD and seasons 4-7 are partially available on eTV streaming video - links to available episodes below:

Art docos on DVD

The Central Library has a collection of borrowable docos located in the Self-Loan Area on Level 2. Search in the catalogue in the DVD & Video keywords index, eg.:

Kanopy streaming video

Subject categories available in Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video service, are: Documentaries / Early Film / Film StudiesForeign Language Film / Movies.