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Pacific and Pasifika: Social Work: Working with Pacific peoples


This page is an introduction to finding resources to support working with Pacific peoples. More information on finding material to related to Pacific studies can be found on the Pacific and Pasifika subject guide and the topic guide for Pacific Health

When searching for Pacific information you might need to try a combination of keywords, useful broad terms might include Pacific, Pasifika, Oceanic, Oceania, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia. It is often also useful to search specific islands, for example, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji.

Pacific Models of Health

Fonofale Model From Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann (see appendix to the report for the model). More information is in this powerpoint.

Fonua: A Pasifika Model for Health Promotion by Sione Tu'itahi. The original powerpoint by the author is not currently available.

Ola Lei by Tufoua Panapa (Tuvalu)

Popao Model: Folau ki he mo'ui lelei- Journey to Wellness: A Pacific Recovery and Strength Concept in Mental Health

Towards indigenous policy and practice: A Tuvaluan famework for wellbeing, Ola Lei. / by Tufoua Panapa et al. The Journal of the Polynesian Society 130(1), 2021

Te Vaka Atafaga: A Tokelau assessment model for supporting holistic mental health practice with Tokelau people in Aotearoa, New Zealand/ by Kupa Kupa. Pacific Health Dialog 15(1), 2009

Uputātua Therapeutic Approach. Seiuli, B. M. S. (2013). Counselling psychology from a Samoan perspective. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 42(3), 50-58

Working with Pacific peoples - websites

Let's get real - Real Skills plus Seitapu - Working with Pacific Peoples

Pacific cultural competencies (Ministry of Health)

Pasifika power and control wheel translation project report (Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence) 

Talking therapies for Pasifika peoples - guide for counsellors to help build rapport and engagement with Pasifika people.

Va'aifetu practice model. Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children guide for integrating Pacific cultures into practice. 

Yavu: Foundations of Pacific engagement (Ministry for Pacific Peoples)

Working with Pacific peoples - books

Agee, M. N., McIntosh, T., Culbertson, P., 'Ofa Makasiale, C. (2013). Pacific identities and well-being: Cross-cultural perspectives. Otago University Press. (ebook)

Crichton-Hill, Y. (2018). Pasifika social work. In M. Connolly & L. Harms (Eds.), Social work: Contexts and practice (4th ed., pp. 109-119). Oxford University Press. (ebook)

Mafile'o, T. (2019). Social work with Pacific communities. In R. Munford, J. Ife, & K. O'Donoghue (Eds.), New theories for social work practice: Ethical practice for working with individuals, families and communities (pp. 214-230). Jessica Kingsley. (ebook)

Ravulo, J., Malfile'o, T., & Yeates, D. B. (2019). Pacific social work: Navigating practice, policy and research. Routledge. (ebook)

Ravulo, J. (2020). Supporting the development of Pacific social work across Oceania: Critical reflections and lessons learnt towards disrupting whiteness in the region. In S. Tascon & J. Ife (Eds.), Disrupting whiteness in social work. Routledge

Mental health enquiry: Pacific report. (2018). p.4-6 "Ideal practice with Pacific peoples"

Journal articles

Aotearoa Social Work Review: vol 35, no. 2 (2023). Tu Mau Pacific Social Work

Aotearoa Social Work Review: vol 30, no. 4: (2018) Tu Mau Pacific Social Work

Ioane, J. (2017). Talanoa with Pasifika youth and their families. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 46(3), 38-45.

Pacific Social Work: An annotated bibliography 2010-2018

Ravulo, J. (2016). Pacific epistemologies in professional social work practice, policy and research. Asia Pacific Journal of Social work and Development, 26, 191-202.