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What are journal articles?

Journals (also sometimes known as periodicals or serials) publish the latest academic research and are usually peer-reviewed or refereed. 

 The articles have been reviewed to ensure there are no mistakes in the methodology or reasoning.

What should I use for my assignment?

How to recognize a research/peer reviewed article 


You can find journal articles using the key databases listed in the left hand box. Most articles are available online. For help in getting the best results, contact  Kim Hall.

Useful hints for finding journal articles

MultiSearch covers all content held by the Library

Business Source Complete searches articles in business and economics journals only so your search can be more targeted.

Google Scholar  - searches for all academic content on the Web. For full-text links to UC journals, use Scholar Settings and type University of Canterbury in Library Links.

If the Library doesn't provide full-text access to the journal, you can request a copy through the Interloan service.

Looking for a specific article

Here's an example of a reference for a journal article:

DeRue, D.S.& Karam, E.P. (2010).  Leadership in teams: A functional approach to understanding leadership  
    structures and processes. Journal of  Management,  36 (1), 5-39

 To find the full-text, paste the article title into the search box on MultiSearch and click on the link. 


Search the journal title and navigate to the volume you require.

Keeping up to date

Staying Current Guide
Set up email alerts or RSS feeds to keep you informed about new articles.

Clues a journal is reputable

Starting points to check academic journal quality are: