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Case studies

Business cases are summaries of real life business scenarios, or fictitious accounts of a business situation or dilemma.
There are publishers, such as Harvard Business School Press, which produce and sell cases for teaching and learning purposes.
There are also other sources of case studies, including books, articles, academic research and free internet sources.

Case studies in books
Many books contain case studies in their contents. Combine "case studies" with your chosen company or topic in a Catalogue keyword search.

   "case studies" sustainability
   "case studies" "corporate responsibility"
   "case studies" "New Zealand" tourism

You can sometimes find relevant material in Google books by searching with the phrase "case study" or "case studies" and a keyword.

Overseas Business Case Study Books

Knapp, K. (2018). Contemporary auditing: real issues and cases. 

Besky, S. (2019). How nature works: rethinking labor on a troubled planet

DeMello, J. (2018). Cases in finance
Luetchford, P., O
rlando, G. (2019). The politics and ethics of the just price: ethnographies of market exchange.
Vague, R. (2019). A brief history of doom: 200 years of financial crises

International business
Bateman, M. (2019). The rise and fall of international microcredit
Hisrich, R. (2016) International entrepreneurship: starting, developing and managing a global venture

Kodama, M. (2017). Developing holistic leadership: a source of business innovation
Nordthouse, P. (2021). Leadership: theory and practice. (9th ed.). 
Peterson, R. (2018). Uncovering indigenous models of leadership: an ethnographic case study of Samoa's Talavou Clan

Berry, D. (2018). Employee ownership and employee involvement at work: case studies.
Christiansen, L. C. (2024). The global human resource management casebook (3rd ed.).
Dawson, P. (2019). Reshaping change: a prosessual perspective. 
Johnson, M. (2018). Reinvent your business model: how to seize the white space for transformative growth.
Kerzner, H. (2022).  Project management case studies (6th ed.). Wiley
O'Rouke, J. (2019). Management communication: a case analysis approach

Kotler, P. (2016). A Framework for marketing management

Operations and Supply Chain Management:
Cui, F.. (2019). Global value chains and production networks:case studies of Siemens and Huawei
Kalfagianni, A. (2019). Localizing global food.

Strategy and entrepreneurship
Stone, B. (2017). The upstarts: how Uber, AirBnB and the upstarts of the new Silicon Valley are killing it
Whittington, R. (2020). Exploring strategy: texts and cases. (12th ed.).
de Wit, B. (2020). Strategy: an international perspective. (7th ed.).

Batabyal, D. (2018) Managing sustainable tourism resources
Hudson, S. (2021). Covid-19 and travel
Jenkins, I. (2018). Adventure tourism and outdoor activities management: a 21st century toolkit

Aotearoa New Zealand Case Study Books