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Business & Economics | Te Kura Umanga: Case study books

Overseas Case Study Books

Knapp, K. (2018). Contemporary auditing: real issues and cases. 

Besky, S. (2019). How nature works: rethinking labor on a troubled planet

DeMello, J. (2018). Cases in finance
Luetchford, P., O
rlando, G. (2019). The politics and ethics of the just price: ethnographies of market exchange.
Vague, R. (2019). A brief history of doom: 200 years of financial crises

International business
Bateman, M. (2019). The rise and fall of international microcredit
Hisrich, R. (2016) International entrepreneurship: starting, developing and managing a global venture

Kodama, M. (2017). Developing holistic leadership: a source of business innovation
Nordthouse, P. (2021). Leadership: theory and practice. (9th ed.). 
Peterson, R. (2018). Uncovering indigenous models of leadership: an ethnographic case study of Samoa's Talavou Clan

Berry, D. (2018). Employee ownership and employee involvement at work: case studies.
Christiansen, L. C. (2024). The global human resource management casebook (3rd ed.).
Dawson, P. (2019). Reshaping change: a prosessual perspective. 
Johnson, M. (2018). Reinvent your business model: how to seize the white space for transformative growth.
Kerzner, H. (2022).  Project management case studies (6th ed.). Wiley
O'Rouke, J. (2019). Management communication: a case analysis approach

Kotler, P. (2016). A Framework for marketing management

Operations and Supply Chain Management:
Cui, F.. (2019). Global value chains and production networks:case studies of Siemens and Huawei
Kalfagianni, A. (2019). Localizing global food.

Strategy and entrepreneurship
Stone, B. (2017). The upstarts: how Uber, AirBnB and the upstarts of the new Silicon Valley are killing it
Whittington, R. (2020). Exploring strategy: texts and cases. (12th ed.).
de Wit, B. (2020). Strategy: an international perspective. (7th ed.).

Batabyal, D. (2018) Managing sustainable tourism resources
Hudson, S. (2021). Covid-19 and travel
Jenkins, I. (2018). Adventure tourism and outdoor activities management: a 21st century toolkit

Aotearoa New Zealand Case Study Books