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Bataille, C. (2020). Cross-cultural interest groups’ values and desired states inform biocultural management of wetlands in Aotearoa New Zealand [Thesis] University of Canterbury

Hepi M., Foote J., Finsterwalder, J., o-Hinerangi, M., Carswell S., Baker, V. (2017). An integrative transformative service framework to improve engagement in a social service ecosystem: The case of He Waka Tapu. Journal of Services Marketing. 31(4/5) 423-437.

Kuntz J., Naswall, K., Beckingsale A., Macfarlane, A. (2014). Capitalising on diversity: espousal of Māori values in the workplace. Journal of Corporate Citizenship 55, 102-122.

Love, T. (2017). Māori values, care and compassion in organisations: a research strategy. [Paper presentation]. European Group for Organizational Studies Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Love, T. (2017). Mana, Māori (Indigenous New Zealand) and critical studies of management in Aotearoa New Zealand. [Paper presentation]. Critical Management Studies Conference. Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Neha, T., Macfarlane, A., Macfarlane, S., Clarke, T.,, Derby, M., Torepe, T.,, Duckworth, F., Gibson, M., Whelan, R. and Fletecher, J. (2021). Sustainable prosperity and enterprises for Maori communities in Aotearoa New Zealand: a review of the literature Journal of enterprising conmmunities 15(4) 608-625

O'Sullivan, J. and Mills, C.E. (2012) Using enterprise development stories to understand and encourage Māori entrepreneurship. [Paper presentation]. 57th International Council for Small Business World Conference. Wellington, New Zealand.

Prendergast-Tarena, E. (2015). Indigenising the Corporation. Indigenous Organisation Design: An Analysis of their Design, Features and the Influence of Indigenous Cultural Values. [Doctoral thesis, University of Canterbury]. UC Research Repository.

Scobie, M., Finau, G., & Hallenbeck, J. (2021). Land, land banks and land back: Accounting, social reproduction and indigenous resurgence. Environment and Planning. A, , 308518.

Scobie M., Heyes A., Evans R., Fukofuka P. (2023) Resourcing Rangatiratanga as part of constitutional transformation: taking equity and sovereignty seriously. Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences 1-18

Scobie, M., Lee, B. and Smyth, S. (2020). Grounded accountability and Indigenous self-determination. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 92, 102198.

Scobie, M., Love, T. (2019). The Treaty and the Tax Working Group: tikanga or tokenistic gestures? Journal of Australian Taxation (New Zealand Special Ed.), 1-14.

Scobie, M., Milne, M., Love, T. (2016) It might never happen, or will it? The process of rendering (un)accountability in the deep-sea oil exploration arena. [Paper presentation]. Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference. RMIT University, Melbourne Australia.
Scobie, M., Milne, M., Love T. (2020). Dissensus and democratic accountability in a case of conflict. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. 33(5), 939-964.

Scobie, M., Sturman, A. (2020). Economies of mana and mahi beyond the crisis. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations 45(2), 77-88.

Van der klei, M. (2022). The role of culture and social identity in the development of indigenous Māori workers in the IT sector [Thesis] (embargoed until 09/08/2024)

Vunibola S, Scobie M Islands of Indigenous innovation: reclaiming and reconceptualising innovation within, against and beyond colonial-capitalism. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1-14.

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