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Digital Humanities: Databases and Journals

A guide for UC students and staff


What are journals?

Journals are regular publications containing articles about research in a particular field. The articles have been reviewed by experts in that field to ensure that they are of high quality. Such journals are referred to as:

  • peer-reviewed journals
  • refereed journals
  • research journals
  • scholarly journals

See here for a tutorial on finding Journal Articles.

Computer Science Journals

Linked list of all Computer Science journals in the Library, print and electronic.

Plan your search

Before you start, spend five minutes thinking about the key words and concepts around your chosen topic, including synonyms and related concepts. This process will help you:

1. Clarify your topic
2. Break it into component parts or themes (and allow you to focus your topic and discard elements)
3. Identify key words to use in your searches.

Rule of thumb: Start with a general search and narrow it down. Add one element of your search in at a time so you can see what effect each change has on the results.

Spelling: Correct spelling is vital. Capitalization doesn’t matter.  Remember that U.S. spellings are sometimes different, e.g. behaviour, behavior; Moslem, Muslim

Different Terminology: Other countries may use different terminology. You will need to search on all variations, e.g. medieval, "middle ages"

Truncation: Use an asterisk * in most databases for truncation, e.g. revolution* will search for:
revolution, revolutions, revolutionary, revolutionaries…etc. See here for Truncation and Wildcard tutorial.

Recommended Databases

The library databases are large collections of articles. Some are research articles, others more general. Some articles are fulltext on the databases, others are not.

Click here for to find the recommended Digital Humanities databases or you can try some of the databases given below.

If you do not  know which database to use, try Databases MultiSearch on the UC Library homepage.

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