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Research Data Management: UC Research Repository

Supporting Data Management at the University of Canterbury

Other Places to Publish Your Data

There are a growing number of venues to publish your data.  Other than 'data papers' offered by commercial publishers none of these are exclusive, so you may think of using more than one.

  • "Data Papers" - commercial publishers can offer a service to publish your data alongside a traditional analysis article
  • Figshare provides a sharing and publication platform for research data.  If you licence it with a Creative Commons Attribution Licence, it is free to use.

The UC Research Repository - permanent storage for data

The University of Canterbury Research Repository (UCRR) is a collection of student and staff research, including theses, papers., conference contributions and data.  

Though student work has always contained research data (maps, tables, figures &tc.) data appendices are becoming increasingly common, and are welcomed as part of the work submitted.  The UCRR  also welcomes all research datasets, and can offer the researcher a place to permanently archive research data.

Datasets can be submitted through the UC research information system, Profiler.  Submitting work is simple, and full instructions are provided. 

Help for submitting datasets to the repository

Contact your local Subject Librarian for help in submitting your datasets - especially if they are large or complex.