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EndNote Guide: MathSciNet

Downloading records from MathSciNet

  1. Conduct your search on MathSciNet
  2. Select the results you want to keep
  3. Click the Batch Download drop-down at the top left of the screen, and select Citations (EndNote).

  4. Click Retrieve Marked.
  5. Use the browser’s Save As option in File menu, choose Text File (.txt) as the file type, and Save.
  6. Open EndNote and the library that you wish to import the references into.
  7. Click File, and from the drop-down menu select Import and then File...
  8. A dialogue box opens
    1. Click the Choose button and browse to find the file you exported at step 5 above
    2. In the Import Option area, choose EndNote Import
    3. Click the Import button

  9. New imported citations will be listed. Check each to make sure the correct formatting has occurred.