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Water Resource Management | Mātai Whakahaere Wai: Journals & Databases

Key Earth Sciences Databases

GeoRef is the gold standard for geology and other earth science disciplines. GeoScienceWorld is a comprehensive earth sciences database that has innovative modern features like map based searching. Both databases are an excellent place to find journal articles as well as other source types including grey literature such as reports.

Key Multidisciplinary Databases

Scopus database is great source of high quality peer-reviewed Science and Social Science journal articles and to a lesser extent other types of sources.

Keenious is an exciting new research tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse your writing and find relevant sources for you and is used as an add-on for either MS Word or Google Docs

Google Scholar and Dimensions are free online databases that are very broad. Google scholar has full-text links to UC paid sources if you add UC as a Library link in the settings. Dimensions does not have full-text links to UC content but, like Google Scholar, it will link to content freely available online. If you find something you want to read in Dimensions that has no full-text link, you can always search for it in the Library's MultiSearch or Google Scholar to see if we have paid full-text access to it.

Other Useful Databases

Publisher Databases