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Mendeley: Sharing References


Groups provide a way to organise information and share with others.  On Mendeley Web, Click Groups to search or browse for existing groups. There are different types of groups:

Open groups - Visible to the public. Share references only not fulltext pdfs. Anyone can become a member or follow the group. 
Invite-only groups - Visible to the public. Share references only. Viewable by anyone, but only those invited can add references.
Private group - Share references and pdfs.  Only group members can see the group. Free version limited to one private group of up to 3 members. 

Creating Groups

  • On Mendeley Desktop, click Create Group under the Groups folder in the left pane.
  • On Mendeley Web, click on the Groups tab and then on the Create New Group button.

Add References to a Group

  • To add references to a group, drag and drop references from your Mendeley library to the group.
  • Click the Sync button to sync and share references with group members. 

Add Members to a Group

  • On Mendeley Web, click Groups and select the group you have created.
  • Click the Members tab.
  • Click Invite Members to invite others to join the group.  
  • On Mendeley desktop, click on the Group you have created.
  • Click Members - Invite Members