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Internet Detective

“Sure, you use the Internet all the time, but you need to wise up to the web when you use it for your university or college work.”

Visit the Internet Detective to learn about doing research on the web.

Websites you can trust

Sometimes Wikipedia articles will link to reliable sources in the "References" section, but you still need to be careful.

Check the url of the website you're looking at:

  • ".edu" or ".ac" means it's an academic institution - maybe a university or a polytech. Some universities let students have pages on their sites so make sure you know who the author is.
  • ".gov" or ".govt" means it's a government department
  • ".org" might be a reliable non-profit organisation - but it might be an organisation with its own agenda, so make sure you know who you're dealing with!

For more ideas about how to evaluate websites, visit the Internet Detective or ask a librarian.

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