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Product Design: Citing

Choosing a citation style

The Chemical Engineering department does not have a single preferred style, so you might want to check with your lecturer/supervisor. Some common styles include:



Citation needed!

Citations Are Needed

  • To give credit to the author
  • To prove you’re basing your work on solid research
  • So readers can learn more
  • To avoid being marked down! | Wikipedian protester

Note: From Wikipedian Protester, by R. Monroe, n.d., xkcd ( CC BY-NC 2.5 DEED.

Referencing Software

It pays to keep a good record of what you read while doing research. There are now a number of tools available to help do this.

EndNote is software for Windows or for MacOS that

  • stores details about your references;
  • imports details directly from databases;
  • creates citations in thousands of styles; and
  • automatically formats your bibliography in Word.


EndNote Guide |  Book a workshop

Other similar software includes

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