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Pacific Law: Cases

Finding case law

When you are referred to a case, you will usually be given the citation.

This is the formal method of referring to a reported case and will follow a citation convention. The citation includes the names of the parties before the court, the date and often a report series and page number.

To find a cited case, try the following four step process:

  1. Examine the citation to identify the abbreviation of the law report series
  2. Determine the full title of the law report series using the Cardiff index to legal abbreviations
  3. Search for the full title of the law report series using a "title begins with" search in the Library Catalogue
  4. Locate the law report online or on the shelf in the Central Library.

Finding Pacific cases

If you have the case citation, follow the process above.

The Macmillan Brown Library holds an incomplete print collection of reported and unreported judgments for individual Pacific jurisdictions. 

In addition, a significant number of cases are available online on the Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII) database.  

To find cases from a particular jurisdiction please use the links below:

American Samoa

Cook Islands



Marshall Islands

Federated States of Micronesia




Papua New Guinea

Pitcairn Islands


Solomon Islands




Finding Guam cases

Online unreported cases

Finding Niue cases

Finding Tokelau cases

Online reported cases


If you cannot find what you need, please contact Theresa Buller.

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