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Library Subject Guides

Pacific Law: Journal Articles

Finding Legal Journal Articles

Journal articles often provide up-to-date information on very discrete topics, and can provide alternative views on a topic.

There are three ways to find journal articles:

1. by looking at individual journals 

2. via a citation from another source (e.g. a footnote or a bibliography)

3. by searching a database or journal article index using a keyword or keywords

How much information you have determines your starting point.


Finding Journal Articles on Pacific Law

There are a number of journals on Pacific Law.

These include:

Legal Journal Article Databases: Indexes

These databases provide a broad range of journal articles, but not always the full text of the article.


Quick guide to search operators in selected databases.

Legal Journal Article Databases: Full Text


If you cannot find what you need, please contact Theresa Buller.

You can: