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Searching for readers by topic

To find Māori language readers on a particular topic, you can search the library catalogue in two ways.

1. Choose keywords and type in the words 'Māori language readers' and the subject you want to search, eg. friendship:

eg. Māori language readers friendship


2. Choose subject and type in the words 'Māori language readers' to see the list of subjects we have readers on:

eg. Māori language readers

Tōku Kōhanga series

This series varies from picture only, single words and simple sentences. Most are catalogued at 499.44286 TOK TE.

BIG books

The big books are based on the following reader series: Pīpī, Tōku Kōhanga & Ngā Kete Kōrero.

Te Reo Māori Readers - Guide to reading levels

Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework

Te Reo Māori readers have been levelled using the Ngā Kete Kōrero Framework. The levels were especially developed to assist children learning to read in Māori, also to help develop Māori language literacy. The books have been organised into increasing levels of difficulty which correspond to reading stages. These stages are Harakeke, Kiekie, Pingao and Miro.

Reading Stage Kete                   
Emergent (Ata pō)

Harakeke A

Harekeke E

Harakeke I

Early (Ata puao)

Kiekie A

Kiekie E

Kiekie I

Early Fluency (Ata tū)

Pingao A

Pingao E

Pingao I

Pingao O

Fluency (Awatea) Miro                              


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