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Criminal Justice: MCJ

Key databases

New Zealand databases

FindNZ articles - Material published in New Zealand/Pacific journals and newspapers. full-text research online at New Zealand universities, polytechnics, and other research organisations, including theses. 

Finding material in the library

  Library Catalogue

Useful resources

Doing a literature review resources - includes resources to help you write a literature review

Finding theses - databases to help you find theses completed in NZ and overseas. 

EndNote guide

Statistics - resources to help you find statistical information.


New Zealand government and official information

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) - transcript of debates in the New Zealand Parliament. Useful to follow the debate of bills and policy in Parliament.  Hansard is available online:

Current (2003 - to date)

Historical (1854-2016)

The Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR)  Sometimes known as the "A to Js", these are a collection of annual reports of government departments, including Select Committee Reports and Royal Commissions. The reports are useful for understanding the work carried out by government departments. 

The A-Js are available online for the following periods:

Current (August 2002 - to date)  

Historical (pre 1951)

1950 - available in the Central Library level 7 KH304.N132a 

New Zealand legislation - Guide to finding NZ legislation

Research methodology

Sage Research Methods provides access to high quality books, book chapters and articles on research design and methods covering qualitative, quantitative and mixed method design. 

Māori Research Methodology - guide to resources to support kaupapa Māori research.

Selection of books

This is a select list of recent titles. More books on general social science research methodology can be found at H60-62 (level 9) or for criminal justice research methods HV 6024 (level 8) Central Library.   

Chamberlain, J. M. (2013). Understanding criminological research: A guide to data analysis. London: Sage.

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