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Library Subject Guides

Mechanical Engineering: Books

A guide to finding resources and getting help for study and research in Mechanical Engineering.

Finding Mechanical Engineering books

Most mechanical engineering books are shelved in the EPS Library - Kā Puna Pūkahataka me te Pūtaiao.

Books which are in high demand for particular courses are held on High demand. To see the list for your course, type the course code into the Course code search in the Library's Catalogue, eg enme222.

New Books for the EPS Library

Call#   HE 336 .T76 .E92 2013
Title   Evaluating alternative operations strategies to improve travel time reliability
Authors   Kittelson & Associates
National Research Council (U.S.).
Second Strategic Highway Research Program (U.S.)
Publication   Washington, D.C. : Transportation Research Board, 2013.
Call#   Q 127 .I4 .P653 1970 ser. A v. 1 & 2
Title   Census of the exact sciences in Sanskrit.
Authors   Pingree, David Edwin
Publication   Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 1970-<1994>
Call#   QA 76.73 .J38 .H819 bi 2014
Title   Big Java :early objects
Authors   Horstmann, Cay S.
Edition   Fifth edition.
Publication   Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2014]
Call#   QA 76.9 .C65 .B46 1995
Title   Simulation fundamentals
Authors   Bennett, B. S.
Publication   London ; New York : Prentice Hall, 1995.
Call#   QA 279.5 .G45 2014
Title   Bayesian data analysis
Authors   Gelman, Andrew
Edition   Third edition.
Publication   Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2014.
Call#   QB 843 .B55 .B588 2013
Title   Black holes, new horizons
Authors   Hayward, Sean Alan
Publication   [Hackensack,] New Jersey ; London ; Singapore : World Scientific, [2013]
Call#   QC 21.3 .S57 2012
Title   Computational methods for physicists :compendium for students
Authors   Sirca, Simon.
Horvat, Martin.
Publication   Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, c2012.
Call#   QC 173.98 .L66 2013
Title   Quantum concepts in physics :an alternative approach to the understanding of quantum mechanics
Authors   Longair, M. S.
Publication   Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Call#   QE 599 .I5 .R564 2009
Title   Spatial modeling and elements at risk assessment of Sidoarjo mud volcanic flow
Authors   Rifai, Rachman
Universitas Gadjah Mada.
Publication   [Sleman, Yogyakarta : Graduate School, Gadjah Mada University, 2009]
Call#   QE 601 .D3 2012
Title   Structural geology of rocks and regions
Authors   Davis, George H.
Reynolds, Stephen J.
Kluth, Chuck.
Edition   3rd ed.
Publication   Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2012.
Call#   QH 352 .C68 2008
Title   Allee effects in ecology and conservation
Authors   Courchamp, Franck.
Berec, Ludek.
Gascoigne, Joanna.
Publication   Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
Call#   QL 85 .P871 2013
Title   A New Zealand book of beasts :animals in our culture, history and everyday life
Authors   Potts, Annie
Armstrong, Philip
Brown, Deidre
Publication   Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland University Press, 2013.
Call#   QL 737 .C432 .G748 2013
Title   Are dolphins really smart? :the mammal behind the myth
Authors   Gregg, Justin
Edition   First edition.
Publication   Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2013.
Call#   QL 737 .P98 .D47 1997
Title   The Indian elephant :endangered in the land of Lord Ganesha
Authors   Desai, Ajay.
Publication   New Delhi : Vigyan Prasar & Sanctuary Magazine, Mumbai : Distributors, UBS Publishers, [1997]
Call#   SB 472.45 .A311 2013
Title   Cultivating modernism :reading the modern garden 1917-71
Authors   Aitken, Richard
Publication   Carlton, Vic. : Melbourne University Press, 2013.
Call#   SD 161 .S587 2013
Title   Silvicultura en bosques nativos :avances en la investigación en Chile, Argentina y Nueva Zelandia
Authors   Donoso, Pablo
Promis, Alvaro
Publication   Valdivia, Chile : Marisa Cuneo Ediciones, 2013.
Call#   T 351.5 .B765 2012
Title   Engineering drawing
Authors   Boundy, A. W.
Edition   8th ed.
Publication   North Ryde, N.S.W. : McGraw-Hill Australia, 2012.
Call#   T 351.5 .B765 2012 Sketchbook
Title   Engineering drawing
Authors   Boundy, A. W.
Edition   8th ed.
Publication   North Ryde, N.S.W. : McGraw-Hill Australia, 2012.
Call#   TA 167.5 .R67 2012
Title   Genes, cells, and brains :the Promethean promises of the new biology
Authors   Rose, Hilary
Rose, Steven P. R.
Publication   London : Verso, 2012.
Call#   TA 219 .I61 5th
Title   Forensic engineering :informing the future with lessons from the past : proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Forensic Engineering organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers and held in London, UK, 16-17 April 2013
Authors   International Conference on Forensic EngineeringLondon, England)
Carpenter, John
Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)
Publication   [London, England] : Institution of Civil Engineers, 2013.
Call#   TA 440 .U534 2013
Title   Understanding the tensile properties of concrete
Authors   Weerheijm, Jaap
Publication   Oxford ; Cambridge ; Philadelphia ; New Delhi : Woodhead Publishing, [2013]
Call#   TJ 163.5 .B84 .C53 2013
Title   What colour is your building? :measuring and reducing the energy and carbon footprint of buildings
Authors   Clark, David H.(Building designer)
Publication   London : RIBA, c2013.
Call#   TJ 808 .L44 2014
Title   The energy of nations :risk blindness and the road to renaissance
Authors   Leggett, Jeremy K.
Edition   First edition.
Publication   New York, NY : Routledge, 2014.
Call#   TK 2551 .M332 2007
Title   Inductive instrument transformers and protective applications
Authors   Mariani, F.
Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Reynders, J. P.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2007.
Call#   TK 2551 .T396 2008
Title   Theory, design, maintenance and life management of power transformers
Authors   Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Y-Land Design, 2008.
Call#   TK 3001 .M389 2011
Title   Corona in transmission systems :theory, design and performance
Authors   Maruvada, P. Sarma
Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2011.
Call#   TK 3231 .B675 2009
Title   High voltage overhead power lines.
Authors   Bougue, Michel.
Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Mbuilu, S.
Rubbers, P.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2009.
Call#   TK 3231 .B675 2010
Title   High voltage overhead power lines.
Authors   Bougue, Michel.
Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Mariani, F.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2010.
Call#   TK 3231 .F981 2004
Title   The fundamentals and practice of overhead line maintenance
Authors   Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Pillay, Thavanthiran.
Eskom (Firm)
Endangered Wildlife Trust.
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2004.
Call#   TK 3231 .P712 2005
Title   The planning, design and construction of overhead power lines
Authors   Bisnath, Sanjeev.
Pillay, Thavanthiran.
Eskom (Firm)
Publication   Johannesburg, South Africa : Crown Publications, 2005.
Call#   TK 3401 .M142 2004
Title   The practical guide to outdoor high voltage insulators
Authors   Macey, R. E.
Vosloo, Wallace L.
Tourreil, C. de
Publication   Johannesburg : Crown Publications, 2004.
Call#   TK 5103.7 .M32 2013
Title   Digital disruption :unleashing the next wave of innovation
Authors   McQuivey, James.
Forrester Research.
Publication   [Cambridge, Mass.] : Forrester Research, Inc. ; Las Vegas, NV : Amazon Publishing, <u+fffd>2013.
Call#   TN 27.5 .S834 2013
Title   Subterranean struggles :new dynamics of mining, oil, and gas in Latin America
Authors   Bebbington, Anthony
Bury, Jeffrey.
Edition   First edition.
Publication   Austin : University of Texas Press, 2013.
Call#   TN 878.2 .A73 2011
Title   Arctic petroleum geology
Authors   Spencer, A. M.
Geological Society of London.
Publication   London : Geological Society, 2011.
Call#   VM 353 .J4597 2012
Title   Bark canoes :the art and obsession of Tappan Adney
Authors   Jennings, John
Adney, Tappan
Mariners' Museum (Newport News, Va.)
Publication   [Richmond Hill, Ontario] : Firefly Books, 2012.

Guide to call numbers

TA Engineering (General)
401-492 Materials of engineering
TJ Mechanical Engineering and machinery
212-225 Control engineering
268-740 Steam engineering, including boilers and engines
1125-1345 Machine shops and practice, including machine and hand tools
1480-1496 Agricultural machinery
TL Motor vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics
1-390 Motor vehicles
500-777 Aeronautics
780-785 Rockets
787-4050 Astronautics
TS Manufacturing
155-193 Production management
195-198 Packaging