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General Information

What is Te Rua Makerspace?

Te Rua Makerspace is a physical space where learning is made practical by applying a range of disciplines to explore ideas, solve problems and build things through making.  University Library Makerspaces encourage collaboration, sharing and the democratisation of knowledge whilst promoting functional literacy. One of our aims is to enable students and staff access and opportunity to investigate technologies, materials and processes that are often outside of their chosen discipline by providing an environment which encourages cross disciplinary collaboration and helps connect the sciences and the humanities. 

At UC, our Te Rua Makerspace encourages student and staff collaboration and relationship building between differing disciplines and fields of study to drive the creative environment.  We make available a selection of high and low technologies to explore materials and ideas, create, craft, discover, invent, prototype, fabricate and innovate and tinker.

How do I use the Makerspace?

Visit Te Rua Makerspace anytime during opening hours for individual or group making.  The doors are closed to buffer sound and after hours, access is by request by asking at the information desk.  Workshops and events are promoted via social media and on the library events calendar where you can book in for a session.

Who can use the Makerspace?

Te Rua Makerspace is accessible to all current UC students, staff and authorised visitors.

Upcoming Events


Use of the Makerspace is at your own risk.  Please read the equipment safety sheets, follow the advice of Makerspace staff and adhere to protocols for using the space.