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2. Find & Manage Research Literature: Keenious

A guide to finding and managing your literature

Keenious Academic Search is a search tool that uses natural language processing "AI" to search for literature by analysing your writing. It can analyse a whole document or a selected part of the document to search. Keenious has add-ons for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Keenious should be used as an additional tool to search for literature along with traditional databases.

Use the tabs here to install the Keenious add-on in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs to start searching. You can start with a blank document and start writing. Keenious can search with as little as one sentence and will continue to find more literature as you write. The more you right the more Keenious has to search on. You can also select certain sentences or paragraphs and have Keenious search just based on those selections.


Keenious help pages:

Keenious is freely accessible to all UC students and staff. Currently the add-on has to be installed in Microsoft Word or Google Docs yourself. Keenious have easy to follow instructions for adding it to Word on their help page. Similar instructions for Google Docs are coming soon but the process is similar. Please get in touch if you have trouble installing the add-on for Word or Google Docs

Adding Keenious to Microsoft Word:

Keenious help pages:

To start using Keenious for searching, after installing the add-on for either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, open the add-on. The keenious side panel will appear. Now you can either search based on the entire document or select just a part of text to search on. Click the 'Research Articles' to begin searching.

For more information on searching with Keenious, including options for refining your search, see their expanding set of help articles here:

Instructions coming soon.

Instructions coming soon.

Who to Contact

Nick Scullin

Internal Phone: 93904