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2. Find & Manage Research Literature: Research Tools

A guide to finding and managing your literature

Research Tools

There are lots of freely available research tools and apps.  The following are a selection to help you find, organise, reference, collaborate and share your work.  

Analyse Citation Patterns

Citation Gecko - enter key papers to generate a citation map to enable you to find articles that share common references and citations. 

VosViewer - creates maps of publications, authors or journals based on co-citation. 

Communicating & Collaborating - social networking site for academics to share papers and follow the work of others. 

Google Hangouts - video conferencing tool that enables collaboration, video chat and sharing of computer screens. 

Google Docs - collaboration tool that enables sharing and co-editing of files. 

ResearchGate - social networking site to enable researchers to share information, communicate and discover the research of other specialists.

Trello - collaboration tool that organises projects into boards and cards so that everyone can see everything about the project in a glance. You can add comments, have discussions and add files. 

Slack - Enables team collaboration via messaging, file sharing and video conferencing 

Yammer - collaboration tool available for Office 365 users. Enables video conferencing, sharing and editing of documents. 

Current awareness

Scitrus - journal discovery service. Either import a Mendeley Library or select topics and journals to follow. As you interact with content, your feed is customised to your interests. Save articles into lists and share them with others. 

See more about setting up search alerts or RSS feeds on the Keeping Current tab. 

Finding articles - plugins for finding fulltext

Kopernio - enables one click access to fulltext pdfs while searching PubMed, Goolge Scholar, and journal websites. Finds fulltext from library UC library subscriptions, open access publishers, institutional repositories and preprint servers. 

Unpaywall - Plugin for finding open access versions of articles. Unpaywall harvests content from open access publishers and respositories.  A green unlock icon is visible when an open access version is available. 

Open access button 

Reference Managers

EndNote - Enables organising, citing and sharing of references.  Supported at UC.

Zotero - Freely available programme to help you organise, cite and share references.

Mendeley - Freely available programme to help you organise, cite and share references.  Also an academic social network enabling you to follow others and discover references others have collected. 

Papers - Reference management software for Mac. 

Paperpile - Reference and pdf manager. Can import EndNote Library into Paperpile and then use to cite references in Google Docs. Free for first 30 days and then by subscription.

Staying Organised

Evernote - Either drag and drop files or use the web clipper to capture articles, text and images for storage and reading later.  Annotate and take notes on key information. Enables you to organise information in notebooks and then tag it for easy retrieval and share with others. Syncs across devices. 

LINER - enablers you to highlight and save text on the Web. Highlighted text can be shared and/or exported to Evernote, OneNote, Word, Email or as a txt file. For use with Google Chrome.

OneNote - Microsoft notetaking tool. Enables you to insert files, pictures and links.  Add the OneNote clipper to your browser and you can save and annotate information from the Web. Syncs notes across devices. 

Pocket - Save articles and other content for viewing later. 




Microsoft OneDrive  

Writing & Publishing

Grammarly - Helps correct grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Overleaf - Online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative publishing tool. Overleaf has partnered with a range of academic publishers to provide templates for writing, editing and publishing scientific documents.  Enables collaborative editing of documents. 

ORCID - Unique identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers. 

Scrivner - Writing app for long documents. 

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Research Tools

A selection of research tools to help you organise, collaborate and share your research.