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Linguistics   Tags: language, ling, phonetics  

Resources from Canterbury University library relating to the scientific study of language.
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The following databases contain journal articles about New Zealand English:-

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Informit New Zealand Collection

Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection

Remember, too, that articles about New Zealand English are also published in international journals so you will need to search databases with international coverage as well.


Recent book by UC authors

Cover Art
Theories of syntax: concepts and case studies. - Koenraad Kuiper & Jacqui Nokes
ISBN: 0230216935
Publication Date: 2014
'This book by two inspired linguists is the most delightful introduction to syntax I have seen in many years, a didactic and very well-informed masterpiece, a must in every elementary linguistics course. It is also the first book of its kind that I know of which aims at an even-handed survey of a variety of opposing syntactic theories on the market, stressing the similarities besides the dissimilarities. Useful not only for beginners but also for teachers and even those who act as protagonists in the field.' Pieter Seuren, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, The Netherlands


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     This guide is maintained by the Linguistics Liaison Librarian to help students and staff locate and use information for their research, teaching and study. 



    New books in the Library - these are all e-books

    Cover Art
    Research methods in Linguistics. - R. Podesva & D. Sharma.
    ISBN: 1107696356
    Publication Date: 2013
    'This important and much-needed collection of cross-referenced articles on linguistic methodology covers all the main areas of research from data collection and processing to analysis. Podesva and Sharma have compiled an indispensable vade mecum for all researchers in linguistics.' Bas Aarts, University College London

    Cover Art
    Sociolinguistics in Scotland. - R. Lawson
    ISBN: 113703470X
    Publication Date: 2014
    'This volume presents a comprehensive overview of sociolinguistic research in Scotland and showcases developments in sociolinguistic theory, method and application, highlighting Scotland's position as a valuable 'sociolinguistic laboratory'. Publisher.

    Cover Art
    The nature and origin of language. - D. Bouchard.
    ISBN: 0199681635
    Publication Date: 2013
    "This book looks at how the human brain got the capacity for language and how language then evolved. Its four parts are concerned with different views on the emergence of language, with what language is, how it evolved in the human brain, and finally how this process led to the properties of language." Publisher

    Cover Art
    Explaining syntax: representations, structures and computation. - P.W. Culicover.
    ISBN: 0199660239
    Publication Date: 2013
    "This book brings together Peter Culicover's most important observations on the nature of syntax and its place within the architecture of language. Over four decades he has sought to understand the mental system in which linguistic expressions are processed. This has led him to re-formulate the balance between the requirements of interpretation and the role of syntactic structure; to examine the nature of the empirical basis in which particular structural analyses can be applied to linguistic expressions; and to consider the extent to which such analyses reflect judgments based not only on linguistic competence but on computations developed in the course of acquiring or using a language." Publisher

    Cover Art
    The Oxford handbook of language and law. - P.M.Tiersma, P. Meijes & L. Solan.
    ISBN: 0199572127
    Publication Date: 2012
    "This Handbook provides an innovative account of past and current research in the interface between linguistics and law. It outlines the range of legal areas in which linguistics plays an increasing role and describes the tools and approaches used by linguists and lawyers in this vibrant new field. Through a combination of overview chapters, case studies, and theoretical descriptions, the volume addresses areas such as the history and structure of legal languages, its meaning and interpretation, multilingualism and language rights, courtroom discourse, forensic identification, intellectual property and linguistics, and legal translation and interpretation." Publisher

    Cover Art
    Thanking and politeness in Japanese: balancing acts in interation. - J. Oshashi.
    ISBN: 1137009861
    Publication Date: 2013
    "Synthesizes previous work on thanking, politeness and Japanese pragmatics and crystalizes the theoretical underpinnings of thanking, how it is realized linguistically and the social meaning and significance of this aspect of Japanese communication.". Publisher.

    Cover Art
    Lexical relatedness: a paradigm-based model. - A. Spencer.
    ISBN: 0199679924
    Publication Date: 2013
    This book argues (a) that there is no principled way to distinguish inflection and derivation and (b) that this fatally undermines conventional approaches to morphology. Conceptual shortcomings in the relation between derivational and lexically-derived word forms, Andrew Spencer suggests, call into question the foundation of the inferential-derivational approach.
    Prototypical instances of inflection and derivation are separated by a host of intermediate types of lexical relatedness, some discussed in the literature, others ignored. Far from finding these an embarrassment Professor Spencer deploys the wealth of types of relatedness in a variety of languages (including Slavic, Uralic, Australian, Germanic, and Romance) to develop an enriched and morphologically-informed model of the lexical entry. He then uses this to build the foundations for a model of lexical relatedness that is consistent with paradigm-based models.
    Lexical Relatedness is a profound and stimulating book. It will interest all morphologists, lexicographers, and theoretical linguists more generally." Publisher.

    Cover Art
    The bilingual mind and what it tells us about language and thought. - A. Pavlenko.
    ISBN: 052171656X
    Publication Date: 2014
    'This is a wonderful book which brings critical insights deriving from a bilingual perspective to bear on linguistic theory in general. While one may disagree with Pavlenko's complete rejection of semantic universals, the book will surely have a galvanizing effect on the study of language and cognition, and many will see it, I expect, as a milestone in the history of linguistics.'
    --Anna Wierzbicka, Australian National University

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