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Human Services | Ratonga Tangata: Violence in society

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Following is a selective list of recent e-books to help you get started with researching topics related to violence in society.  Use MultiSearch to find other books and journal articles.

General books:

Collins, V. E., & Rothe, D. L. (2019). The violence of neoliberalism: Crime, harm and inequality. Routledge.

DeKeseredy, W. S., & Dragiewicz, M. (2018). Routledge handbook of critical criminology (2nd ed.). Routledge.

Edwards, L., Penn, N., & Winter, J. (2020). The Cambridge world history of violence. Cambridge University Press.

Evans, B., & Parr, A. (2021). Conversations on violence: An anthology. Pluto Press.

Ladicola, P., & Shupe, A. (2012). Violence, inequality, and human freedom. Rowman & Littlefield.

McIntosh, T. (2022). Settler violence, family and whānau violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. In L. Bastide & D. Regnier (Eds.), Family violence and social change in the Pacific Islands (pp. 20-36). Routledge. 

Ray, L. (2011). Violence and society. Sage.

Sturmey, P. (Ed.) (2017). The Wiley handbook of violence and aggression. John Wiley

Thompson, W. E., & Gibbs, J. C. (2017). Deviance & deviants: A sociological approach. Wiley Blackwell.

Animal abuse:

Clark, B., & Wilson, D. T. (Eds.). (2020). The capitalist commodification of animals. Emerald. 

Kemmerer, L. A. (Ed.). (2011). Sister species: Women, animals, and social justice. University of Illinois Press.

Maher J., Pierpoint H. and Beirne P. (Eds.). (2017). The Palgrave international handbook of animal abuse studies. Palgrave Macmillan.

Taylor, N. (2019). Companion animals and domestic violence: Rescuing me, rescuing you. Palgrave Macmillan.

Climate change and violence:

Marcantonio, R. A. (2022). Environmental violence in the earth system and the human niche. Cambridge University Press.

Miles-Novelo, A., & Anderson, C. A. (2022). Climate change and human behavior: Impacts of a rapidly changing climate on human aggression and violence. Cambridge University Press.

Colonialism and Postcolonialism:

Kundnani, A. (2023). What is antiracism?: And why it means anticapitalism. Verso.

Masson, F., & Harms Smith, L. (2020). Colonisation as collective trauma: Fundamental perspectives for social work. In T. Kleibl, R. Lutz, N. Noyoo, B. Bunk, A. Dittmann & B. Seepamore (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of postcolonial social work. Routledge. 

Nielsen, M. & Robyn, L. M. (2019). Colonialism is crime. Rutgers University Press. 

Sachseder, J. C. (2023). Violence against women in and beyond conflict: The coloniality of violence. Routledge.

Shamila, A. (2024). Institutional racism: Colonialism, epistemic injustice and cumulative trauma. Routledge. 

Wanhalla, A., Ryan, L., & Nurka, C. (2023). Aftermaths: Colonialism, violence and memory in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Otago University Press.


Bastide, L., & Regnier, D. (Eds.). (2023). Family violence and social change in the Pacific Islands. Routledge.

Bradley, T. (2020). Global perspectives on violence against women and girlsZed Books.

Crichton-Hill, Y, & Olul, R. (2019). Family and domestic violence. In J. Ravulo, T. Mafile'o & D. B. Yeates (Eds.), Pacific social work: Navigating practice, policy and research (pp. 172-183). Routledge.

Fa'alau, F., & Wilson, S. (2020). Pacific perspectives on family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse.

Simon-Kumar, R. (2019). Ethnic perspectives on family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse.


Hall, M., Hearn, J., & Lewis, R. (2023). Digital gender-sexual violations: Violence, technologies, motivations. Routledge.

Levey, T. G. (2018). Sexual harassment online: Shaming and silencing women in the digital age. Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Powell, A. (2017). Sexual violence in a digital age. Palgrave Macmillan.

Powell, A., Stratton, G., & Cameron, R. (2018). Digital criminology: Crime and justice in digital society. Routledge.


Idler, A., Carlos, J., & Vergara, G. (2020). Transforming the war on drugs: Warriors, victims and vulnerable regions. Hurst & Company.


Doel, M. A. (2017). Geographies of violence: Killing space, killing time. Sage.

Ireland, C. A., Lewis, M., Lopez, A. C., & Ireland, J. L. (Eds.). (2020). The handbook of collective violence: Current developments and understanding. Routledge. 

Jones, A. (2022). Sites of genocide. Routledge.

Malešević, S. (2017). The rise of organised brutality: A historical sociology of violence. Cambridge University Press. 

Whigham, K. (2022). Resonant violence: Affect, memory, and activism in post-genocide societies. Rutgers University Press.


Levant, R. F., & Pryor, S. (2020). The tough standard: The hard truths about masculinity and violence. Oxford University Press.

Harrington, C. (2022). Neoliberal sexual violence politics: Toxic masculinity and #MeToo. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hatty, S. E. (2000). Masculinities, violence and culture. Sage.

Innes, R. A., & Anderson. K. (2015). Indigenous men and masculinities: Legacies, identities, regeneration. University of Manitoba Press.

McGlashan, M. & Mercer, J. (Eds.) (2023). Toxic masculinity: Men, meaning and digital media. Routledge. 

Morris, E. W., & Oeur, F. (2018). Unmasking masculinities: Men and society. Sage. 


Navarro, S. A., & Hernandez, S. L. (2022). The color of COVID-19: The racial inequality of marginalized communities. Routledge.

Rezwana, N., & Pain, R. (2023). Gender-based violence and layered disasters: Place, culture and survival. Routledge.

Thobani, S. (2022). The deadly intersections of COVID-19: Race, states, inequalities and global society. Bristol University Press.


Coakley, J. J. (2021). Sports in society: Issues and controversies (13th ed.). McGraw Hill. See chapter 6: Violence in sports: Who suffers the consequences. 

Dunning, E. (1999). Sport matters: Sociological studies of sport, violence and civilisation. Taylor and Francis.

Kerr, G. (2023). Gender-based violence in children's sport. Routledge.

Millward, P., Lee Ludvigsen, J. A., & Sly, J. (2022). Sport and crime: Towards a critical criminology of sport. Routledge.

Spaaij, R. (2015). Sport and violence. In R. Giulianotti (Ed.), Routledge handbook of the sociology of sport (pp. 324-334). Routledge.

Young, K. (2013). Sport, violence and society. Routledge.

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