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A list of French language databases can be found here (scroll to the end of the left limits)

A list of French literature databases can be found here (scroll to the end of the left limits)

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What are journal articles?

Journals are published regularly (monthly or quarterly).  They publish the latest academic research and are usually peer-reviewed or refereed.  The articles have been reviewed to ensure there are no mistakes in the methodology or reasoning.

Find journal articles by using one of the databases below.

Looking for a specific article?   If you already know the article you need, find the full text by using either: 

  • Journals - search using the title of the journal in your search OR
  • Multisearch - search using the title of the article

If the Library doesn't provide access to the journal, you can request a copy through Interloan.

You can also find articles by searching in particular journals

Search for French journals available via the Library (browse by subject/sub category).