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Art: Photography books

Finding books

Photography, classified at TR, is located on Level 4 of the Central Library.

Photography reference books (such as dictionaries and encyclopedias) are borrowable and shelved at their call numbers with the other borrowable books. See also: art e-reference.

The Library of Congress classification system is used to organize the books. Each Library book has a call number showing where it is located, which can be found on its catalogue record.

Textbooks and recommended readings for particular courses are placed on High Demand by lecturers and located in the Self-Loan Area on Level 2. To see the list for a particular course, type the course code into the catalogue Course code search box, or refer to the course page in Learn.

Guide to classifications for Photography

TR Photography (Level 4)
TR 1 Periodicals. Societies. Almanacs. Yearbooks
TR 6 Exhibitions. Collections
TR 9-12 Dictionaries & directories
TR 15 History of photography (general)
TR 21-126 By country
TR 122.5 New Zealand
TR 139 Biography
TR 144-145 General works on photography
TR 183 Psychology, aesthetics, etc.
TR 250-265 Cameras
TR 267 Digital photography
TR 510 Colour photography
TR 640-685 Artistic photography
TR 642 General works
TR 644-647 Exhibitions
TR 646 .N5 New Zealand exhibitions
TR 647 Works of individual photographers, A-Z (international)
TR 647 .C347 Sophie Calle
TR 647 .P4 Peter Peryer
TR 650-655 Collections of art photographs
TR 651-655 By period
TR 654 1951-
TR 655 2000-
TR 656-686 Genres of artistic photography
TR 657-658 Art objects
TR 659 Architecture
TR 660 Landscape
TR 674-675 Human figure
TR 680-681 Portraits
TR 681 Special classes of persons, A-Z
TR 681 .W6 Women
TR 685 Photomontage
TR 690- Other types of photography: commercial, scientific, etc.
TR 721-729 Nature photography
TR 820 Photojournalism
TR 820.5 Documentary photography
TR 845-899 Cinematography
TR 848 History
TR 849 Biography
TR 850-851 General works
TR 892-896 Applied cinematography
TR 897.5 Animated filmmaking
TR 897.7 Computer applications
TR 899 Miscellaneous aspects of cinematography
TR 925-1045 Photomechanical processes

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Browse the catalogue

To browse titles by subject in the catalogue, click a classification  link in the Guide (below), or use the Call Number (LC) index. Eg., TR 646 .N5 = New Zealand exhibitions of artistic photography.